Tuesday, 6 May 2008


As I left the meeting room, I texted ahead apologising that I was late and that I would be there asap.

The quick response was that she was waiting in my office.

I rushed along the corridor and after grabbing a coffee each, headed back to my office. As I opened the door, I found her sat in my chair, logged onto my laptop. Her Blue eyes flicked up to meet me as I
entered and then back onto the screen.

Putting the hot cups down on the desk, I moved around to stand next to her, she was checking her email.

"I'll move." she offered and rolled backwards. As I started to tell her she could complete what she was doing, I realised her skirt was around her waist and her fingers were idly stroking her pussy through her black lacy knickers.

"Oh," I said a little taken aback, Then the twinkle in her eye drew me in, "I hadn't expected you to start without me." and a broad smile spread across my face.

She turned towards me and reached for my zip, lowering it as I undid the button and within seconds my hard cock was in her warm wet mouth, the excellent cock sucking skill I loved being practiced on my tool.

I reached down and played with her hair as she played with my balls and stroked me, he lips and tongue taking me to the brink of ecstacy.

I tried to pull back as I was about to Cum, but she wouldn't let me and proceeded to hold my arse with her left hand while she stroked my cock with her right and sucked me hungrily until I came in her mouth.

I reached down and proceeded to loosen her clothing a little, slipping my hand into her top and fondling her breasts while I kissed her passionately, tasting myself at the same time.

within a few minutes she had me hard again and I turned her around and bent her over my desk, pulling her shorts out of the way and slamming into her for the first time, knocking her off her feet so she was sprawled, her feet only just touching the floor.

Grabbing her hips, I proceeded to fuck her hard and fast as she scrabbled to steady herself against the onslaught, after a couple of minutes, she gave up as her moans grew louder.

I slipped my fingers into the hair on the back of her head and tightened my fingers around a handful of strands before tugging her head up in the way that turned her on so much and thrust into her as her pussy spasmed around me and her body jerked to orgasm outside her control.

I slid out of her and she turned over, raising her knees to her chest and parted her engorged dripping lips for me to slide between again.

I was inside her quickly and , pounded her, my balls slapping against her arse, the sound filling the room and I came inside her then leaned down to kiss her.

Tenderly she sucked my bottom lips while her eyes fixed me along with the smile on her face.

"I think that will do for now," she said between gasping for air, "Any other business?"

I giggled and helped her to her feet.

"Yeah, back to mine for food, drinks and more of the same."

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  1. Yes, I came back. In fact, I came quite regularly, and continue to do so - which should be no surprise. :-)

    How lovely to be remembered. Thank you.


    Much love,
    Juno x