Thursday, 13 December 2007

A Speck to a Fuck

Your hand reaches for my collar to remove a speck of dirt and before I know it your hands are sliding over my shoulders massaging them through my shirt, firmly yet caringly. I can feel your sharp nails through my shirt.

My hands wander to your waist, hold you tight, pull you close. My hands slide around your back and onto your arse.

My lips seeking yours, one hand stay put, holding you close, the other slides up your side and caresses the back of your neck. Our tongues dance as our lips touch

My hand starts to bunch your skirt up, it rises towards your hips, slowly, slowly. The hem reaches my hand and I feel your tights underneath.

'No Stockings?' I say almost disappointed, then a wicked smile comes over my face

I lower the hand from your neck down your front and slide you backwards so you're sitting on the edge of the desk

I kiss you then part your legs, my hands reach between them and grasp your tights before yanking them, they don't tear. you obviously need some more stability and lean backward.

I kneel between your legs and taking some of the denier between my teeth, I rip them open, my hands roughly finishing the job, the thin lace is soon out of my way also, and my lips and tongue are in your wet pussy. I lick up and down your lips then seek out your clit, my tongue flicks over it in teasing way. I'm in no hurry and am loving lapping your juices up and turning you on even further

You grab my hair. "Fuck me now" you pant

I slide two fingers inside you and you groan before pulling my hair harder

I stand and slip off my pants before sliding my cock inside you in one even firm stroke, you're still fully dressed and I'm deep inside you, building up a rhythm

you brace your feet on the desk, push back against me and scratch my back through my shirt

I kiss you and you can taste yourself on my lips, you start to push back harder and I grab the edge of the desk by your head and pump into you for all I'm worth

you're groaning in pleasure, you're whispering to me to fuck you harder, to cum inside you, to make you cum and then you do. I'm in no doubt that you have as your body and mouth signal your ecstacy

I pull out of you and circle the desk to put my cock in your mouth, your hand holds the base so you're in control within a few seconds though I can't hold back, the sight of you sucking me and I cum. you greedily swallow my seed and lick your lips.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


'Use me' you said 'Do what you will with me and my body'

That how you ended up kneeling on the floor, your arms tied behind your back, your other point of contact with the floor is your left cheek, your mouth slightly open to allow you to breath.

I take my time to stroke you, to spank you, to scratch you lightly with my nails.

You keep quiet as you know you must, there are other people too close who might here.

The teasing becomes too much for me and I kneel behind you, my cock enters you and I roughly pull you off your face.

One hand is on your side supporting you, my other is wrapped in your hair, pulling your head back so I can kiss your neck, my shallow thrusts are not satisfying your knees and I lower you onto your face again.

Crouching on my feet, my hands reach for your shoulders and I fuck you hard, your face rubbing on the floor until I withdraw from you and cum on your naked back and hands.

My hands slowly rub my cream into your back and my fingers thrust into your pussy until you release a high pitched squeal and collapse.