Wednesday, 2 May 2007


'Use me' you said 'Do what you will with me and my body'

That how you ended up kneeling on the floor, your arms tied behind your back, your other point of contact with the floor is your left cheek, your mouth slightly open to allow you to breath.

I take my time to stroke you, to spank you, to scratch you lightly with my nails.

You keep quiet as you know you must, there are other people too close who might here.

The teasing becomes too much for me and I kneel behind you, my cock enters you and I roughly pull you off your face.

One hand is on your side supporting you, my other is wrapped in your hair, pulling your head back so I can kiss your neck, my shallow thrusts are not satisfying your knees and I lower you onto your face again.

Crouching on my feet, my hands reach for your shoulders and I fuck you hard, your face rubbing on the floor until I withdraw from you and cum on your naked back and hands.

My hands slowly rub my cream into your back and my fingers thrust into your pussy until you release a high pitched squeal and collapse.

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