Saturday, 25 February 2006


You told me to meet you there, you promised it would be worth it. I made my way through the front door to the desk and paid my money to get in. The music was already pounding and I recognise the tune.

Stepping into the main area, I go and check my jacket before heading to get a drink. I reach out a hand and attract the attention of the barmaid, she wanders over and I point to bottles at the back of the bar mouthing the words of JD and Coke. It takes two attempts until she understands me and within a minute my drink is in my hand, I give her a large tip and make eye contact, she’ll remember me and I’ll get served quickly next time I go to the bar.

Turning to face the dance floor, I casually glance around, trying to catch a glimpse of your figure moving to the music, but I’m out of luck and after I finish my drink I head down to dance myself.

‘You’re not here yet’ I rationalise it to myself. I know that I’m not late, and you do like to make an entrance. As I’m about to step out onto the wooden floor, I catch a glimpse of your die straight hair, it’s you and you’re dancing with someone. A pang of jealousy makes me pause, but I ease my way across the dance floor, cut past you and move towards some women dancing as a group. I catch the eye of one of them and she keeps an eye on me as I start to dance, she’s playing it safe, seeing if I can move before she commits to give me all of her attention. After a few seconds, she turns and then I’m dancing with her.

The next track kicks in and it’s a higher tempo number, I pull her close and writhe against her, as we turn, I look in your direction and you’re as close to your conquest, it makes me ache to see you like that, but I push that aggression into keeping up with the music.

I dance for a while, but I need a drink. Walking past you, you signal for a drink, your companion looks a little put out, I don’t even acknowledge your signal, but you know I’ve seen you.

I go back to the bar and the girl behind it recognises me instantly, finishing serving someone else, she moves right over and provides me with a couple of drinks, lifting them carefully from the bar I go in search of you, I find you standing by the rail at the edge of the floor, Your Black pants and Red top show off the figure that I ache to get my hands on. I stand behind you and pass you your drink, you take a swig before I wrap my arms around you.

We’re both hot, and you’re moving to the beat as I finish my drink quickly and put my glass on the table, you take another mouthful of yours and as you do, I take the opportunity to kiss your neck. You’re loving the attention, maybe you’re looking at the guy you were dancing with, what you’re not expecting is my next move.

I ease my right hand under your top and slide my fingers under your waistband and down into your knickers, you adjust your stance and open your legs, leaning back on me for support, you now know what’s coming.

I slide my fingers between your lips and within seconds I’m stroking your clit, licking and kissing your neck. You put your bottle down and your arms reach up to hold my head as I work the bud with my fingers. Your body is working to it’s own rhythm now, you can’t even hear the music as I work you into a lather. Your hands are messing with my hair, you turn your head and your tongue reaches for my mouth, I respond and I know that with all of these people around us, you’re about to cum. Your tongue is thrashing between my lips, responding to my fingers.

Your body starts to shake and my left arm grips you tightly to make sure you’re supported. Your hands can’t hold onto me and you gradually relax. You turn and give me a long kiss, raising the fingers I’ve had between your legs to put them in your own mouth, your tongue cleaning them off.

We embrace for a moment, eyes locked, but I know that as soon as the next track comes on, I’ll be led back out onto the floor and I’ll be spending the night within inches of you, working up to the moment we get in that taxi heading to mine for the apr├Ęs dance.

Friday, 24 February 2006

Time Together - Part 3

The meal at the Italian was a surprise to her, she’d been expecting a quick drink and off to bed, but I was intent to make the most of our time together and wanted to do what normal couples do, so I ushered her into a cab and we were driven to an expensive yet understated restaurant.

Our table was in a discrete area, one that wasn’t well lit. We spent the night eating, chatting, holding hands and laughing, all of the things we didn’t normally get to do. This wasn’t a snatched lunch or a meal that was rushed so that we didn’t get spotted, this was our time.

The meal finished, the bill paid, we wandered back leisurely along the river, holding hands, stopping to kiss, linking arms and cuddling together. The cool evening air, cooling our urge to pounce but as we got closer to the hotel, I dragged her from the pathway, behind a wall. Leaning on the brickwork and pulled her close, out lips met and our hands wandered freely, stroking, touching. I lifted the back of your dress and my fingers sought out the edge of the now exposed underwear, tracing the lace from the waistband down the cheek to the furrow between her arse and shapely leg.

A few minutes spent there, raising the anticipation. I felt you reach for my belt but I held your hand for a second and raised it up to my neck. You could feel my arousal but I wouldn’t let you satiate it. It was driving you mad, me too, but I have plans and they don’t involve going alfresco, not as such anyway.

After a short while, I stopped teasing you and led you by the hand to the hotel, the lift carried us to our floor and I used my key to let us in. You walked in first and I watched as you sat calmly on the edge of the bed. You were onto me, you knew I was playing it cool, I’m not going to rush, so you wait.

I removed my tie, and moved towards you, but you stood and stepped over to the window, looking out at the city, hands on the glass. I watched you for a few seconds then eased up behind you, my arms around you, my lips on your neck, holding you close.

Your head lolled backwards as you enjoyed my lips and my hands slide up over your curves, then back down to the hemline of your dress before I carefully lift it so that I slowly unveil your fabulous body, framed perfectly by the lingerie I chose for you.

You allowed me to remove your dress and put your hands back on the glass, I undressed and stepped behind you again, my hands, tongue and lips moving all over your body, while you stood against the window, my movements sometimes caught you unawares and you pushed me away, but I was soon back with my desire to turn you on and tease you at the same time. Occasionally I saw you looking at me in the glass, your face covered in smiles. I stood up and unhooked your bra, throwing it onto the bed before reaching around and stroking around your breasts, circling in towards the nipples and when my fingers began to pinch them, they were already erect, begging for attention and I spent the time on them while you ground your arse into my cock.

At one time you removed your hand from the glass, but I growled at you to put it back and after a brief hesitation, you complied. I knew you were enjoying my touch, but wasn’t aware how much until you groaned

“Fuck me.”

I stopped in my tracks, you were seriously turned on and I knew what I had to do. Pulling your panties to one side, I played a finger over your lips and then eased myself into you. Pulling you close I kissed your neck again.

“Isn’t it beautiful,” you moaned, “and I knew you were looking out on the city, pressed up against the window, your arms long since bent, you tits up against the cold glass and anyone looking in this direction would have seen you and I in the act of fucking. It didn’t take long, the teasing that had been happening all evening had us both in a frenzy and we came fast and hard, as close as we could be, but looking at the lights of the city. You collapsed against the glass and I push you hard against it biting your shoulder.

We collapsed to the ground and lay there for a few seconds recovering. Eventually I help you up and you climb into the bed. Tonight’s going to be a first, we’re going to actually fall asleep in the same bed, together and wake up together, but before then, we’re going to explore and probe, love and kiss, cum and swallow, bend and stretch. You know that I’m going to make the most of this time and drive you wild…

Before we part again tomorrow and go back to our own separate lives, begging for the next time we see each other.

I want

To dream of you to see you to catch your eye across a room to see your smile to move towards you to stand and talk to you to touch your hand to dance with you to wrap my arms around you to hold you to be so close I can smell you to whisper in your ear to smell your hair to stroke the nape of you neck to stroke your hair to kiss your neck to hold you tight to kiss your lips to feel your tongue in my mouth to feel your hands on my sides to feel the urgency in you to reach for the bottom of your top to remove it to feel your hands on my zip to reach for your tits and stroke them to feel your hands on my cock to watch you drop to your knees in front of me to feel your lips and tongue on me to feel your lips slide down my length to have you make me cum in your mouth to kiss you greedily afterwards to ease you out of your pants to lick your arse to bite your cheeks to push you onto your back to part your legs to lick your thighs to lick your lips to finger your pussy to touch your clit to lick you to orgasm to climb on top of you to thrust inside you to feel your hands holding onto me to feel you grip me to hold your legs up to get the right angle to fuck you hard and fast to hear you scream my name to roll off you to lie next to you to kiss your lips to look you in the eye to whisper your name to hold you tight to fall asleep.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Time Together - Part 2

You arrived at the Check in desk with your mates, they urged you to check in first and after your details are confirmed, you’re whisked to the lift by the boy carrying your bags, your last communication with the girls being to meet in the bar at Six, a promise that will not be kept.

The porter selects the button for the 5th floor, while the lift rises, you pass the time talking, the lift stops and you’re led along to your room. Opening the door, your bags are placed just inside the door, you enter the room and the Porter closes the door without so much as a word.

Startled you turn around to look at the closed door and take your coat off which you hang on the hook behind the door. Now your attention turns to the room you’ve only glanced at so far.

The bathroom’s on the right, the room beyond it has a Four poster bed. The sheets and blankets are folded immaculately. You wander over to the window and through it you can see some of the sights of the city, the river, the famous sights, the City spread out below you, as requested the view is quite amazing. Even sat in the bar from where I saw you enter, I know that you’re taking the view in, I know you love it and I know this is one of the many things you’ll remember from this night, you sit on the window sill for a long time taking it all in, and you know as well as I do that while it looks impressive now, the view at night will go far beyond the daytime spectacle.

When you’d taken the view in for a while, you turned and started to unwind, to unpack your bits and pieces, to think about having a bath, to get ready for a wild night out with the girls.

It’s only when you’re looking for a pencil on the bedside table that the note catches your eye.

Sat on the pillow is a small gold folded card, on the inside the following is inscribed in black ink.

Welcome to London, I trust you’ll enjoy
Your girly weekend, was only a decoy
If you look in the wardrobe, you surely will find
Some things I’ve placed there to help you unwind.

Turning around to find the wardrobe, you wander over and carefully, almost gingerly open the door

In there you find the items I left you.

The sheer black Lingerie you looked at last time we went shopping together, but thought was too expensive. A beautiful dress made of shiny material again in black and some nice black stockings.

Pinned to the Label is another card.

I’ll be waiting for you in the bar at Seven. X

You pick up your mobile and phoned your friend, she answered with a giggle.

“Sorry,” she began, “But you’re on your own tonight, enjoy yourself.” And with that she hung up.

Next you try to phone me, my phone rings as I’m sat in the bar, and I half think about answering it, I’m interested to know what you’re thinking, how you’re reacting, but I want this to be an amazing surprise.

You take your time, bathing, making up, getting dressed, smoothing the fabric against your skin and I watch you just after seven entering the bar, your eyes sweeping the room, you don’t seem to see me and after a second you head for the bar.

I watched you order a drink, and I take my chance to move towards you, as you wait for the barman to bring it to you, I slip an arm around your waist, pulling in close and handing over our room card for the drink to be charged against.

My warmth surprised you and your body jumped slightly, but upon seeing me, a smile grew from the corners of your mouth to your eyes and you embraced me and kissed me softly.

“You Bastard” you whisper, but I think that’s the only reprimand I’m going to get and I kiss you back.

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Time Together - Part 1

So much time and effort had gone into it. It was only for a night, but it had taken months to set up. This wasn’t going to be a snatched moment like so many of the others, this was going to be a special night.

Step One - Book a hotel.

This wasn’t easy, I had a particular image in mind, I certainly didn’t want a Businessman’s room, it couldn’t be sleazy either, it had to be sexy, it had to be classic, something like a 4 poster bed was a step in the right directions, a nice bathroom, a room that looked classy. Once I narrowed the location down to London, it became a whole lot easier to pick somewhere with fantastic views.

Step Two - Make her think that I was away.

This one was not so easy either. How do you explain to your other half that you need to be away on a weekend night, without them. Not easy, in the end I’d found out that there was a Football Match on the same weekend, with the help of a friend I’d convinced her that we’d got away tickets and with it being a late match, it was safer to book a hotel than to drive back tired, plus it was a chance to have a few beers and catch up.

Step Three – Book a fantastic restaurant for a Saturday night meal.

Now this one was easy, with some help from the Hotel and seeking recommendations, an Italian had been booked, a good table secured.

Step Four – Arrange for you to meet me, without your knowledge.

Two had been hard, this was even worse. To get someone to a predetermined place without them knowing where they were going and why. I had to think about this one long and hard, to probe everything I knew about you, to pick something that would lead you where I wanted and needed you, unsuspecting.

In the end I had to pay for two of your friends to have a girly weekend away, to bring you to me, drop you off and then go on their way.

The cost of the night was steadily rising, but I honestly didn’t care, our time together is precious it was a small price to pay to get some personal time.

The weekend came and I drove off leaving her at home, Down the Motorway, counting the miles off, occasional texts off your mate, letting me know of your progress.

Getting to the hotel first, I checked in and requested to speak to the manager as arranged, a quick word in his ear and a slipped £20 got me the result I desired. The lobby is classy, the hotel is over 100 years old, you can tell that it’s evolved over time, not one of the new style of thrown together hotels, this is a place where someone took the time to design it, not part of a chain, it has it’s own individual style.

Going up to the room to check in, I carefully put some clothes away and when I was satisfied I moved to the hotel Bar.

Friday, 17 February 2006


There she was, lay on my bed. Not a stitch of clothing on, completely at my mercy. Not that she was naked you understand.

We’d been chatting all day, flirting from afar, getting more and more turned on. It had all started as a joke regarding underwear, but the idea had lodged in my head and I was aching to act it out with you, we’d been together before, but you wouldn’t be expecting this.

“What are you up to tonight,” I began my email, “because I’ve got plans, wanna be part of them?”

I get a reply with a smiley face and took that as a yes

“Meet you in the pub at eight.”

I’d gone home, prepared, showered and set out to meet her. The flirting had continued through texts and I dropped a hint that tonight was going to be different.

The glass door feels heavy as I push it open, she’d looks fantastic, sexy, alluring. I notice her from the door, sat at a table, cradling a drink between her hands. I got a round of drinks and sat down opposite her. Her beautiful eyes lift from her drink and meet mine across the table, her hair has been straightened instead of being curly and the clothes she was wearing show her figure off to perfection.

Over the next couple of hours we chat, laugh, talking about work, friends, family and hobbies, sharing funny stories, catching up from last time we met like this because we can’t really talk at work. Our hands touch sometimes and we don’t have to withdraw. As the drink begins to take effect and our inhibitions lower, the flirting grows more and more blatant. Hand touching becomes hand holding, holding becomes hand stroking and hand stroking eventually leads to leg stroking beneath the table. Our chat becomes more and more suggestive and when it becomes unbearable I invite her back to mine.

We barely get through the door before clothes are being discarded as quickly as possible, flesh is being groped and passion is boiling over. Hands and lips a flurry of activity as the flirting of the last 12 hours reaches a crescendo. The bedroom was too far away, so the couch sufficed as I bend her over the arm, slide inside her and fuck her as hard and fast as I can, Holding onto her hips we rush to a climax and then collapse together on the couch.

After a couple of minutes tangled together, I lead her to the bedroom, I knew she was up for anything, so I made my sexy woman sit on the edge of the bed.

Looking at me inquisitively as I reached into the wardrobe, she watched me pull out a roll of tape, the plastic type you use to wrap parcels, two inches thick and brown, her eyes flick between the tape and my face, a grin forms on the corners of her mouth and she awaits my instructions.

“Put your arms above your head.” I order and she complies instantly. The snapping sound of the tape unrolling makes her jump, but she doesn’t move those lovely arms as I bind them together at the wrists.

Next was the torso. I tightly wrap those voluptuous breasts across the nipples, they’re pushed into her chest, the tape going all of the way around her body twice, I have to be careful not to get the freshly straightened hair caught in it, the already raised arms were out of the way.

I indicate for her to stand and wrap 4 layers of the sticky tape around the hips I’d just held onto while fucking her, the smoothly shaved pussy hidden behind the opaque plastic. I know my lover’s turned on, I can feel it in her. I can smell both of our recently concluded sex and the arousal that rises afresh inside you.

Reaching down I carefully lift her onto the bed and bind the legs at the ankles. There she is, lying in front of me, completely at my mercy, the buttocks I love to slap poking in the air, the tape biting into the skin. I turn my plaything over and she makes eye contact with me, eyes showed nothing but lust, I brush her hair to one side and kiss her, she responds with as much force as possible while she’s restrained.

I rip two last pieces of tape from the roll and place one length over those luscious red lips, I see the light glinting off her eyes which show a hint of panic, but I stroke her cheek and then put the last piece of tape over her eyes.

I watch you squirm for a few seconds, and then pick up the rose I left by the bed earlier. I take my time running the rose over every inch of her body, her arms, ears, breasts, sides, thighs, feet.

She wriggles against it and tries to get away, but I tease her even more. The fact that you can’t see what’s coming makes it easy to take you unaware.

After 10 minutes of continuous teasing, I slowly remove the tape from her lips and kiss her deeply again, the gasps for breath interrupting me, but you then moan as I stroke underneath your breasts.

“I want to see,” she requests, and I want to see her eyes, so I carefully peel the plastic back and gaze into them.

“Fuck me.” she demands and I do as I’m told, I lift the bound ankles from the bed and part her knees so I can slide into the gap, raising myself with my hands, I slide my rock hard cock inside her hot pussy. A groan escapes her lips as I slide rhythmically in and out of her, the tape around her waist bites into my skin but our pace accelerates and we gradually build up to another climax, cumming inside her and collapsing on top of her.

I disentangle myself from her and remove the tape from her wrists and ankle so that we can cuddle. The bindings around her hips and torso remain for a while as we touch and caress, but she wants them removing. Searching for the end of the tape gives me a chance to tickle and I eventually start to unwind her hips, but I know how sensitive her nipples are, and as I peel the tape off them, she arches her back.

We lie together chatting and as I fall asleep in her arms, the thought in my mind is that next time it might be me at her mercy.

Wednesday, 15 February 2006


Someone’s leaving, leaving for a new company, new opportunities, new friends to make and obviously it was an excuse for everyone to get very drunk.

I leave work on time for a change, wander down to the Pub with a few people, we were chatting. Friday night’s always a good night to have a bit of a crack, bit of a laugh, let off some steam from the week’s stresses and ease into the weekend.

Walking through the door, the smoke hit me, I always like a drink with friends, but the smoke gets to me, the way it gets in your hair and your clothes. After 5 minutes you don’t notice it, but later as you take your clothes off, it suddenly hits you all over again.

I ordered drinks and sat down with the rest of the gang, some were already in, others yet to arrive. We were happily chatting and I noticed you entering the bar, I sneaked a quick look and I caught your eye as you sought me out.

I’d seen you during the day, the way you’d looked knocked my socks, I knew that you were sexy, clothing doesn’t define sexiness for me, but the way you were dressed just made me want you even more, to be wrapped around you. A couple of times during the day our paths crossed and all I wanted to do was to close the gap and be next to you.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched you approach the area we were sitting in. You removed your coat, and then leaned forward to adjust your top, your breasts almost falling out of it, I’m sure you caught me looking, but you didn’t even acknowledge my presence, I thought I caught a hint of a smile, maybe you meant to do that, I certainly wasn’t complaining.

Sat in different groups, talking to colleagues, I feel like everyone else can see the electricity between us, occasionally someone would shout across between the groups, our eyes make contact frequently, but it’s swiftly broken as one of us blushes or smiles.

I text you to tell you how sexy you looked and you responded with a smile. Our paths don’t look like crossing tonight. Thoughts, stories, jokes, all are being shared, everyone involved in some way. I watch you smile and laugh, I see your eyes, get caught up in them, the realise I’m starring and look away, forcing myself to chat to other people, I watch the straps on your white top fall down your arms under your wrap and all I can think is how much I want to slip my arms around your waist and feel your closeness.

After a couple of drinks, I have to excuse myself, I have to pop to the office and with a general wave and a smile, I leave the smoky bar, cross the road and tap the code into the door, I hear the buzzer of the door release start and pull the handle, the heavy wood and glass swings towards me and I pass through the doorway before tugging the windowsill in lieu of a handle, desperately trying to keep the cold out.

Walking up the stairs, I can hear my own footsteps echoing back at me, it’s not like this during the day, there are always smells and noises crowding the senses, but there’s nothing attacking me now.

My key turns in the lock with a click and I tap the alarm code in, the beeps halt as I hit the last button, and then switch the lights on, I’m soon sat at a computer checking that my automated tasks have completed, as they should. I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, and open the clamshell to find a text from you.

“Did I do something 2 upset u 2day” Shock grips me, I can’t believe what you’ve typed, it makes me feel slightly sick, have I made you feel bad?

“Nope” I reply “just didn’t want to embarrass you, I could look at you all night”

“So why didn’t u spk 2 me, gutted you left” the accusation and hurt is clear

“Had to go to work for a mo, prob a good idea because all I want to do is wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck”

I wait tensely for a reply, I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m typing, but I keep looking at my phone, willing it to buzz, to show that you understand, that the last thing we want is a scene in front of all at work.

I carry on with my work, waiting, the feeling in my stomach getting worse, I pick up my phone again.

“I’ll be back in a little while” I begin “I just need to check some stuff, then I’ll come and talk to you”

I hit the send button but the feeling doesn’t subside, I need a reply, to know that you’re OK.

“We can talk here.” I hear your voice behind me and I jump a mile, I’d not heard the doors, the footsteps, your phone getting my message. I’d been so intent on getting the message right.

Your hands ease onto my shoulders and I can feel their warmth, they wrap themselves around my torso and I can feel your breath on my ear. I lift your hands and stand, turning to face you. You’re a bit shorter than me but your eyes draw me in, I’m trapped unable to break away.

My instinct is to grab you, to satiate every desire I have now there’s no chance of being disturbed, but you move first and I allow you to dictate the pace, I can manage to wrap my arms around you to guide your body next to mine. My lips reach down to yours and we kiss softly at first then with more urgency, more passion, more longing, more need.

My hands stroke your back, your neck, and your sexy bum. I want to run my hands all over your body, to explore every single inch of you. I feel your hands doing the same and I know that tonight is a watershed.

You step back half a pace, looking into my eyes, I don’t know what you’re searching for, I don’t know if you find it, but you lean back into me, your head on my chest.

I pull away from you, turning to switch off the computer, leading you by the hand we leave the office, locking up, cuddling and kissing on the way. We re-enter the bar together to a few raised eyebrows. But we go back to our own friends and spend the night flirting from afar. If I’m lucky I may get to escort you home, If not I’ll have to arrange to see you another time, All I know is that it won’t be too far in the future.

Monday, 13 February 2006


From: David Wilson
Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:35
Subject: Well?
To: Jemma Richardson

OK, meet you outside at five.

>From: Jemma Richardson
>Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:32
>Subject: Well?
>To: David Wilson
>I hope so, Oh, and forget about the Restaurant, lets just head to yours

>>From: David Wilson
>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:27
>>Subject: Well?
>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>Well, we had to be quick, I’ll take much more time later

>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:20
>>>Subject: Well?
>>>To: David Wilson
>>>WOW, you’ve never been like that before, my legs have turned to jelly

>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:48
>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>Ok, back in a mo, just popping to get some stationary

>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:44
>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>Let me just check, yeah, as I run my fingers up my thigh, they definitely hit skin above the hemline.

>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:43
>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson

>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:35
>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>Ok, now I’m not concentrating either, these stockings are really putting me off ;-)

>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:32
>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>Well, yeah, my mind was there, my face was between your legs

>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:31
>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>probably in the gutter

>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:31
>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>WOW, will to work is now gone, mind elsewhere

>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:28
>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>> As a matter of fact…

>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:24
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>I don’t know, are you Commando enough?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:21
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lol, what are you, a soldier

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:20
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Well I can just see you using it to bring me to attention

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:19
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> like what?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:14
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You can put that away or I’ll find a use for it ;-)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:11
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:09
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Er, MacDonalds or Burger King.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:05
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Give me some options then.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:02
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I had a few ideas, can’t seem to decide ;-)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 12:59
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Just back from lunch and wondering if you thought of something to do tonight?

Saturday, 11 February 2006

I wrote this story for you.

I imagine that while you’re reading this, you’re sat on your bed these words on your computer screen. You're wearing a sweatshirt and some shorts. One of my stories is loaded in the browser and the text has dragged you from your solitude into the world I’ve created.

I can just see you sat there, your brain painting the picture, like mine did. Your hand sometimes rising to your mouth and sometimes to stroke your earlobe, your eyes fixed to the screen, taking every word, every emotion, every implied meaning and your fingers raise until they’re over your mouth.

You read for a while, your legs moving apart first then back together your right hand falls to your leg, your fingers brush your bare thighs, I know you’re doing it without thinking because the only thing you’re concentrating on is the screen.

You suddenly look down and realize that your fingers are brushing the material between your legs, and electric feelings are coursing though your beautiful body. You've started a chain reaction without thought, and you know as well as I do that stopping now would be frustrating, you also know that it’s impossible, you’re committed to this path of action.

You lean back and closing your eyes, your fingers rub over the fabric again, you imagine that it’s the man in my story that’s touching you, and maybe you wish it was me. I’ll never know.

The dampness you feel is urging you on and you ease the strip out of the way, your fingers parting your lips and your fingers stroke them gently before moving up to the place that requires their urgent attention.

A groan escapes your lips as you touch your clit and the noise spurs us both on, both you in my fantasy and me as the writer. The circling motion of your fingers starts slowly, but their speed increases until you grab the duvet cover with one hand and your hips buck.

This is where my imagining finishes and your reality check comes in, who wrote it, who imagined it?

Who knows, maybe next time it’ll be on your webcam and my imagination can take a back seat.

Sunday, 5 February 2006

Private Appearance

I sit in the chair in the corner to which I was directed, the curtains are drawn and only a bedside light is on. The light cast shadows from the bed onto the walls.

The bed is mine, and I know it very well, but tonight it was a new cream Duvet cover and Pillowcases, it’s laid out as if only one person is going to be sleeping in it.

The door opens and you walk in, turning to look in the mirror you admire the black Bra and shorts you are wearing, it shows off the magnificent curves you have, and I can see the reflection of your hands smoothing their way over the sexy clothing. New Lingerie, I’d never seen that before either.

As you move to the bed, I look into your eyes but you don’t even acknowledge my presence. Reaching out with your right arm, you ease your body into the middle of the mattress.

You lie there for a second with your eyes closed and then your left arm moves, reaching up, running a finger across your stomach, tracing it’s way up to your breasts, your hand starts to stroke the parts not covered by the silky material, your right hand rising up and tending to your other breast. You gently stroke them, taking care and time to ensure that each one is given plenty of contact.

You slowly sit up and reach behind you to unhook the bra, and then ease yourself back down onto the covers again with it still clasped to your front. You continue to stroke the areas that are uncovered but start to gradually push the material from your beautiful C cups until with all pretence of coverage gone, you toss it to one side.

You lie there and stroke your nipples until they stand to attention, then you switch to the bottom of the breast. I now watch as your right hand creeps down towards your shorts, your run a finger down the edge of the fabric until it reaches the bottom, then your fingers trace up and down the thin strip that separates your fingers from their ultimate destination.

I sit there transfixed by the way you meet your urges, but also by the discipline you show in not rushing to the inevitable goal. I’m turned on, my hand slipping into my own pants.

You’re now starting to breathe more heavily, and your fingers move faster and faster outside the shorts. Your hand slides up to the waistband and your fingers find their way under the cloth and although I can’t see you doing it, I imagine you stroking the wet lips of your pussy, your legs clasped firmly together.

With your eyes still closed your other hand moves from your left nipple and your legs raise to plant your feet firmly on the mattress and your bottom then rises a few inches for you to slide your pants down those fantastic legs and with a flick of your foot, they’re gone.

Your legs part as you put your feet on the bed again, about a foot apart, your knees bent and your thighs separated to allow your fingers access. Your hands move between your legs, and with a finger on your right hand, you part your lips and your finger reaches for your clit.

I can sense your excitement at being watched and it drives you on, your finger tending to your pussy, and your other hand rolling your nipple, you work quickly and your body moves, your moaning rises and then you raise your knees to support your hips as they begin to move. At this point you finally open your eyes and look directly at me, your mouth parted to express your arousal, your hips rising, your breathing fast and your fingers working on both your breast and your clitoris.

I know you’re there, your eyes close again and as you clamp your legs around your hand you’re not able to control your own movement for a few seconds, then you relax onto the cream sheets and your eyes open again, the smile on your face unmistakable.

I can feel the throbbing between my legs as we maintain eye contact. “Now that I’m sorted for a little while,” you begin, “Why don’t you get out of that Bra and Panties so I can make you feel the same way?” You end the sentence with a wink but I’m already moving towards the bed.