Monday, 20 March 2006

The Pick Up

I see you and pull over, I push the button to wind the window down, you lean through the window.

“Are you going my way?”

You wink at me and I reach over and stroke your cheek.

“Of course foxy” I say “do you wanna ride?”

You open the door and slide into the seat your legs extended in their tights beyond the hemline of your skirt, your blouse is fastened to the last button and your jacket hides your curvy figure.

Your hand slides across onto my thigh and rubs my leg.

I put the car into gear and accelerate away from the kerb, you lean forward and remove your jacket as the air con kicks in.

I change gear and take the opportunity to brush my hand across your lap.

I watch as you reach down and pull your skirt up, and thread your legs, it’s then that I realise you don’t have any underwear on. My eyes are drawn across to your pussy and I’m aching to touch you.

I reach across and you grab my hand and guide it between your thighs, your finger guiding mine to your clit and I begin to stroke slowly.

I soon need to concentrate, but you take over and make yourself cum as I intently try and find somewhere secluded to park.

I find a side street and you reach across to free my hard cock from my pants. You lean in and kiss me then your mouth descends onto me sucking you hungrily until I come in your mouth.

I roll you back across onto the passenger chair and climb across, parting your legs and sliding my hot length into your wet cunt.

“Fuck me hard” you groan into my ear “fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before”

I do as I’m told and it’s minutes before I come inside you.

We kiss and you tell me that it’s about time we got to the meeting. I know it is, maybe there’ll be time on the way back for a repeat performance.

Wednesday, 8 March 2006


“It’s me.” I say as you answer the phone.

“Good” you say, I’ve been waiting for you”

“I hope you didn’t start without me,” I joke and let out a short laugh.

“Oh no babe,” you begin, “I’m wearing exactly what you asked.”

“Describe it for me.”

“Well,” I can hear the excitement in your voice, “I have a lacy black bra on, the balcony one you want, it pushes my tits up, makes them look huge. The matching shorts show off my ass, and the suspenders and stockings are just so, I’m running my fingers over the stocking tops.”

“Don’t touch yourself yet,” I scold, “you must only do as you are told.”

I love it when you dress like this, you look classy, sexy. I especially love taking you out with these under your clothes, I know that I’m going to peel them off and see my present.

“Do you have the other things?”


“Lie on your back.” I instruct you. “run your fingers down your sides, pretend that they are mine, does it feel nice.”

“Yes,” you breathe, “I wish you were there”

“I know smooch, but I can’t be at the moment, it won’t be long now though.”

You describe how you are stroking your neck, how your fingers wander to your breasts and you rub your nipples through your Bra. I can hear your breath growing slower and deeper.

“Are you wet?” I ask

“I’m soaking, I have been all day, just thinking about speaking to you.”

“What do you want to do next?”

“I want to touch myself, I want to rub my clit.”

“Get your bullet”

“I want to use my fingers”

“I know honey, but I can’t let you yet”

I hear you groan, and when I tell you to turn it on, I can hear the buzz start.

“Rub it on your lips, don’t touch your clit until I tell you to.”

I hear you start to groan as the vibrations move through your pussy.

“Does it feel nice?”

“Mmmmmm,” you moan “it feels really good, I wish it was your tongue though”

“I know, I wish I was there too.”

Your moans increase and all of a sudden I hear you whine.

“Please,” you beg, “let me touch myself”

“Have you been good enough today?” I ask

“I have,” you say through gritted teeth.

“Do you want to come?” I enquire


“Shall I let you touch your clit?”

“Please,” that word so quiet, I know you’re ready.

“Cum for me baby.” I say and I can hear your breathing change, you put the phone on your body as agreed and I hear you stroking yourself, the cry of my name coinciding with the sound becoming muffled, your groans increasing and then subsiding.

I wait for you, I know you’re in ecstasy my hand moving up and down my cock, I reach my own climax in seconds.

“I hope you’re still there.” You demand

“Oh, I’m still here,” I reply, “you don’t get rid of me that easily.”

“Did I go solo?”

“No, I enjoyed listening a lot.”

“I’m sleepy now.” You tell me and I smile.

“You go to sleep, we’ll catch up tomorrow”

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Stormy Night

The wheels bumped over the cats eyes as she pulled off the motorway and bore left at the roundabout. She’d done this route lots of times, this was the Hotel she always stayed at when she was up at the Scotland Office.

The rain was lashing on the windows and roof of the car, the wipers flashing backwards and forwards and the music rumbled low in the background as she struggled to see the road through the windscreen, the streetlights illuminated the water on the glass rather than showing her the road.

A couple of miles further down, the car is motoring, the lights in the petrol station pass on the left and she puts her foot down, it’s been a long drive and she’s aching to get into a hot bath, she knows these roads so well that she moves the car right on the corner to avoid the pothole she can’t see in the dark, and then moves back in towards the side.

An orange warning light comes on the dash, she’s not seen it before and doesn’t know what it’s for, but she presses on to get to the hotel, she’ll deal with it in the morning when it’s light again. Another light comes on and she gets a sinking feeling in her stomach, the engine starts to misfire and as she pulls into the side of the road, the engine stops and the headlights die.

Turning the key in the ignition a couple of times, she knows it’s not going to start, but she tries again. Banging her hand on the steering wheel in anger, she almost laughs when she realizes that the horn wasn’t working.

Reaching for her handbag, she pulled her mobile phone out to find that there was no signal, her anger boiled over and she threw her phone into the footwell on the passenger side.

The dark began to close in on her, the road isn’t busy enough to deserve street lights, and with the lights in her car dead, the forest on the right looks closer now and she can’t see any detail of where she is, or what’s around.

She thinks about looking under the bonnet, but doesn’t know the first thing about anything under there and with the lights going off, she’s guessing it could be the battery. The darkness of the night really makes her nervous, she knows that it’s a good couple of miles back to the petrol station, and this isn’t a city, there’s no saying that there’s anyone there. The Hotel is a fair way down this road, a good 30 minute drive, she can’t remember ever seeing between here and there.

Turning in her seat, she can’t see any lights and can’t decide what to do, her coat’s in the boot and she’ll get soaking even getting that.

She’s wondering if anyone will pass, the road isn’t a busy one, but it’s the main road between the motorway and the town, maybe someone will pass, she decides to stay put with the car, at least she’ll be dry, even if she’s not too warm.

After nearly an hour of shivering, she’s wondering about going back to the petrol station, when she catches a glint of light out of the corner of her eye and realizes it’s a light in the wing mirror. Throwing the door open, she almost falls into the road, her white blouse clinging to her skin as the rain soaked through it. The car slowed down and pulled in behind hers, the door opened and a tall man stepped out. She quickly explained that her car had broken down, and he ushers her to his passenger side, putting her in the car before going around the back of the car, opening the boot and then getting in too.

When the doors are closed, he offers a fleecy blanket to put over herself.

“I got stuck in the snow a few years ago,” he begins, “ I never go anywhere without a blanket and a flask now, especially not if I’m driving miles like tonight”

He reaches behind her and retrieves a flask. He explains that he’s driven across from the other coast as he pours her a hot cup of coffee, she takes it gratefully in cold fingers and carefully sips a little, the liquid warming her through and over the next five minutes she drinks the coffee and starts to feel warm. He turned the engine on, the warmth flooded from the vents, and the radio sparked into life, she recognized the song, but couldn’t place it.

He got his phone out and managed to get a signal, she thanked him and rang the breakdown service, they apologized that they’d be a couple of hours, she made the mistake of saying that she wasn’t alone, and then felt guilty.

“I’ll sit in my car, thanks for stopping and the coffee.” She turned to get out, but he put his hand on her arm. “Wait here, it’s OK, I’m in no hurry and you’ll freeze without any heat.”

They chatted for a while and in the middle of a laugh, she reached across and put her hand on his arm, he leaned in and all of sudden they were kissing, she feels her arm move across his torso and pull him closer. Their hands are all over each other, his fingers trailing up her legs below her skirt and her hand reaching for his pants, but their arms keep getting in each other’s way, she manages to free his cock and stroke it, he’s fingering her and his tongue runs around her mouth.

She wants him, but his car’s only small and there’s no way to be comfortable. Opening the door, she walks around in the pouring rain, perching herself on his bonnet. He soon gets the idea and follows her out of the car, the headlights shining on him momentarily before he stands before her, he grips her and lifts her onto the bonnet, pulling her legs apart and exposing her pussy to him. She lies back hair face raised to the heavens as the rain makes her blouse cling to her breasts, her hands holding onto the metal to stop herself sliding off.

He’s on top of her, kissing her, undoing her top, scooping her tits out of her bra, his hand goes between her legs and he pulls the material out of the way, pulling his pants down and in one smooth thrust, entering her. She clings to his shoulders as she feels him inside her, his lips on her neck, her knees in the air as he plunges his cock in again and again, hard and fast, she knows she’s slipping, but she can’t bring herself to let go of him, his strong body holding her and she can feel herself building up, she pushes back as best she can, she urges him faster and within minutes he’s pulled out and cum on her thighs.

Climbing off the car, she looks down to see herself wet through, clothes dirty from the car and disheveled to say the least.

Moving back to her car, she opens the boot and reaches into a bag for some clothes, finding something appropriate, she dresses and puts a coat on, they move back into his car and another cup of tea is offered. Soon after the breakdown truck arrives, and she thanks him while her car is hooked up to the back of it.

He smiles and thanks her for keeping him entertained with a wink, before getting in his car and driving off.

That bath is looking a lot more appealing, and at least now she’ll have something to think about while she’s relaxing.

Friday, 3 March 2006

Bound 2

She kneels before me, her hands taped behind her back, completely naked.

leaning forward, she licks my head, her lips kiss him and her tongue hungrily touches every inch of the length.

She leans back, looks into my eyes.

"Can I suck you?" she asks, she know the answer, but knows better than to presume.

I nod and she eases forward, her lips sliding over my head and slowly easing down to the base. she eases back and then slides her lips back over the head to kiss him.

She starts to lick, but I grab the back of her head and push myself into her mouth, she doesn't struggle, I push her on, she pulls off, I push her further on, she moves back and I allow her a breath before I push her back onto me.

After a while, I let her breathe and she gasps for air.

"Undo me" she says, looking behind her.

"Why, what do you want to do?"

"I want to rub myself while I suck you off"

The idea turns me on and I remove the tape, I watch her move as she puts my cock back in her mouth, and her other hand goes between those fantastic legs, I can't see what she's doing, but can imagine what's happening.

I come in her mouth and she comes on her own fingers, I take her hand and put her fingers in my mouth while I lick that juice from them.

Now we're warmed up, the night is young, and I have plenty more to do to you.