Wednesday, 5 March 2008


My phone rang, and the display said it was her.

I answered with a low sexy voice, but there was no response. I spoke again, but again nothing beyond a bit of feedback.

Then I stopped and listened, I could hear running water, and then something and the water had stopped. I wondered if she'd called me by accident, and then there was a swishing and the sound of splashing.

Out of nowhere came a moan.

"Mmmm," there was a faint echo, "the water feels good all over me." she described.

"I'm pulling my nipples, imagining it's you, it feels so good"

"I wish you were here to lick them."

I was struck completely dumb, listening intently to the sounds, imagining her hand exploring her body, my mind building pictures from what I could hear, I knew she was at a hotel, but I didn't know what it looked like.

"I'm parting my legs and stroking my lips, I've been fantasizing about you stroking my pussy, making me come." she stopped talking and the sounds flooded over me, I was imagining her fingers parting her moist lips.

She said my name and groaned.

"It's not my finger that's on my clit, it's yours, you're working me, kissing me as you rub me off."

Before long noises were coming in fits and starts, my name, various requests, intakes of breath, sloshing water and finally a long drawn out cry as she came with her fantasy of me touching her in the bath, and me listening to it on the phone.

"That was so good." and the line went dead.

Minutes later, my phone beeped and the picture message showed a close up photo of her stretched out on a towel on the bed, the glow of a hot bath showing on her skin.

"Wish you were here" was the simple message

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