Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Right Now

 want you wrapped around me, both of us sitting up, you impaled on my cock and slowly grinding against me, your clit rubbing against my pubic bone.

My hands around your back and your hands on my shoulders as you drive yourself on. I look you straight in the eye and enjoy your pleasure, you moan as you push onto me again.

I reach forward and you slow your thrusting to meet my hungry kisses, my lips swiftly moving from your mouth to your chest as I urgently seek out your left nipple.

This obviously turns you on as you start to fuck me with all of the passion you can muster, your arms wrapped around my neck for extra leverage as you pound down onto me, your noise levels rising as you express your pleasure.

Before long you cum all over my cock and collapse sweatily against me, panting along with me.

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