Friday, 3 March 2006

Bound 2

She kneels before me, her hands taped behind her back, completely naked.

leaning forward, she licks my head, her lips kiss him and her tongue hungrily touches every inch of the length.

She leans back, looks into my eyes.

"Can I suck you?" she asks, she know the answer, but knows better than to presume.

I nod and she eases forward, her lips sliding over my head and slowly easing down to the base. she eases back and then slides her lips back over the head to kiss him.

She starts to lick, but I grab the back of her head and push myself into her mouth, she doesn't struggle, I push her on, she pulls off, I push her further on, she moves back and I allow her a breath before I push her back onto me.

After a while, I let her breathe and she gasps for air.

"Undo me" she says, looking behind her.

"Why, what do you want to do?"

"I want to rub myself while I suck you off"

The idea turns me on and I remove the tape, I watch her move as she puts my cock back in her mouth, and her other hand goes between those fantastic legs, I can't see what she's doing, but can imagine what's happening.

I come in her mouth and she comes on her own fingers, I take her hand and put her fingers in my mouth while I lick that juice from them.

Now we're warmed up, the night is young, and I have plenty more to do to you.

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