Monday, 20 March 2006

The Pick Up

I see you and pull over, I push the button to wind the window down, you lean through the window.

“Are you going my way?”

You wink at me and I reach over and stroke your cheek.

“Of course foxy” I say “do you wanna ride?”

You open the door and slide into the seat your legs extended in their tights beyond the hemline of your skirt, your blouse is fastened to the last button and your jacket hides your curvy figure.

Your hand slides across onto my thigh and rubs my leg.

I put the car into gear and accelerate away from the kerb, you lean forward and remove your jacket as the air con kicks in.

I change gear and take the opportunity to brush my hand across your lap.

I watch as you reach down and pull your skirt up, and thread your legs, it’s then that I realise you don’t have any underwear on. My eyes are drawn across to your pussy and I’m aching to touch you.

I reach across and you grab my hand and guide it between your thighs, your finger guiding mine to your clit and I begin to stroke slowly.

I soon need to concentrate, but you take over and make yourself cum as I intently try and find somewhere secluded to park.

I find a side street and you reach across to free my hard cock from my pants. You lean in and kiss me then your mouth descends onto me sucking you hungrily until I come in your mouth.

I roll you back across onto the passenger chair and climb across, parting your legs and sliding my hot length into your wet cunt.

“Fuck me hard” you groan into my ear “fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before”

I do as I’m told and it’s minutes before I come inside you.

We kiss and you tell me that it’s about time we got to the meeting. I know it is, maybe there’ll be time on the way back for a repeat performance.

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