Saturday, 25 February 2006


You told me to meet you there, you promised it would be worth it. I made my way through the front door to the desk and paid my money to get in. The music was already pounding and I recognise the tune.

Stepping into the main area, I go and check my jacket before heading to get a drink. I reach out a hand and attract the attention of the barmaid, she wanders over and I point to bottles at the back of the bar mouthing the words of JD and Coke. It takes two attempts until she understands me and within a minute my drink is in my hand, I give her a large tip and make eye contact, she’ll remember me and I’ll get served quickly next time I go to the bar.

Turning to face the dance floor, I casually glance around, trying to catch a glimpse of your figure moving to the music, but I’m out of luck and after I finish my drink I head down to dance myself.

‘You’re not here yet’ I rationalise it to myself. I know that I’m not late, and you do like to make an entrance. As I’m about to step out onto the wooden floor, I catch a glimpse of your die straight hair, it’s you and you’re dancing with someone. A pang of jealousy makes me pause, but I ease my way across the dance floor, cut past you and move towards some women dancing as a group. I catch the eye of one of them and she keeps an eye on me as I start to dance, she’s playing it safe, seeing if I can move before she commits to give me all of her attention. After a few seconds, she turns and then I’m dancing with her.

The next track kicks in and it’s a higher tempo number, I pull her close and writhe against her, as we turn, I look in your direction and you’re as close to your conquest, it makes me ache to see you like that, but I push that aggression into keeping up with the music.

I dance for a while, but I need a drink. Walking past you, you signal for a drink, your companion looks a little put out, I don’t even acknowledge your signal, but you know I’ve seen you.

I go back to the bar and the girl behind it recognises me instantly, finishing serving someone else, she moves right over and provides me with a couple of drinks, lifting them carefully from the bar I go in search of you, I find you standing by the rail at the edge of the floor, Your Black pants and Red top show off the figure that I ache to get my hands on. I stand behind you and pass you your drink, you take a swig before I wrap my arms around you.

We’re both hot, and you’re moving to the beat as I finish my drink quickly and put my glass on the table, you take another mouthful of yours and as you do, I take the opportunity to kiss your neck. You’re loving the attention, maybe you’re looking at the guy you were dancing with, what you’re not expecting is my next move.

I ease my right hand under your top and slide my fingers under your waistband and down into your knickers, you adjust your stance and open your legs, leaning back on me for support, you now know what’s coming.

I slide my fingers between your lips and within seconds I’m stroking your clit, licking and kissing your neck. You put your bottle down and your arms reach up to hold my head as I work the bud with my fingers. Your body is working to it’s own rhythm now, you can’t even hear the music as I work you into a lather. Your hands are messing with my hair, you turn your head and your tongue reaches for my mouth, I respond and I know that with all of these people around us, you’re about to cum. Your tongue is thrashing between my lips, responding to my fingers.

Your body starts to shake and my left arm grips you tightly to make sure you’re supported. Your hands can’t hold onto me and you gradually relax. You turn and give me a long kiss, raising the fingers I’ve had between your legs to put them in your own mouth, your tongue cleaning them off.

We embrace for a moment, eyes locked, but I know that as soon as the next track comes on, I’ll be led back out onto the floor and I’ll be spending the night within inches of you, working up to the moment we get in that taxi heading to mine for the apr├Ęs dance.

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