Saturday, 14 January 2006

Always the Bridesmaid

He’d found out 18 months ago, and now was the day. The day he’d looked forward to for all of that time, and it had gone slowly.

She’d arrived home to say that her sister was getting married and she was going to be a bridesmaid, and his mind and libido went into overdrive.

“Will you have to wear a dress?” was his first question “Can I choose your underwear?” was his answer to her affirmative. She thought about it and then agreed that they could go shopping together to choose some.

He’d dragged her off to bed there and then with the images whirling in his mind and he made sure that she was good and tired before he let her sleep.

This morning he’d been shooed out of the house as the many, many people had arrived, Hairdressers, make up artists, the woman from the dress shop. ‘My Trowel’s in the shed if you need to do a rescue job.” He’d quipped before grabbing his bag, closing the front door and heading for the pub.

He’d met the ‘Brother in Law’ and the other lads there for a swift pint before heading to the best man’s house to get ready.

We got ready, the car took us to the Church and I took my seat on the Bride’s side, this was the first moment I’d dreamed about, when she turned the corner and walked up the aisle. I hardly noticed the Bride, my attention was all saved for the Bridesmaid.

She turned the corner and the breath was sucked from my body. I’d seen her in a great many situations, some more compromising than others, but I’d never seen her look as stunning as she did today.

My Eyes followed her from the back of the church until she stopped at the Alter, her eyes briefly flicked towards me, and as she turned away, she smiled a knowing smile which led me to remember that under the dress that was showing off all of her best features, was underwear to die for.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, all through the service, She was facing the front and I was facing her drinking her in, if we ever got married, she would look like this, only much more beautiful. I watched her face, the way she moved, the bouquet she held, all of it was poetry in my eyes.

Later at the Reception I could spend some time with her, I could watch her I could put my arm around her and she was paying attention to me, I was her focus. I even managed to get her up to dance, now this was absolutely unheard of. I wrapped my arm around her waist and took her on a tour of the dance floor, our eyes on each other. I whispered to her that she looked beautiful, and that I would want a photo of her dressed like this before the night was out.

She smiled at me, and said that the stocking and suspenders were turning her on, we had to stay up for another dance after that, there was no way I could walk.

The night began to close and people started to make their excuses and make their way to their hotel rooms, or to their homes.

I flashed a smile at her from across the room and indicated that I wanted to go up, she nodded slightly, I grabbed our things and headed out of the room while she spoke to her Sister.

She breezed out of the room, and we headed to the lift, as soon as the doors closed, she was in my arms, my hand stroking the back of her neck, my lips kissing hers, my other hand could feel the silk of the dress running under my fingers, the doors opened on our floor and we rushed to our room, opening the door, I went in and sat near the bed, she pushed the door closed and turned to look at me.

‘I know that the Bride and Groom should have a wedding night,’ she said with a smile, ‘but tonight I’m going to give you the night of your life’

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