Tuesday, 24 January 2006


I’m sat at my desk, working hard, concentrating on what’s on my screen. I hear you call my name as you enter the room. My shoulders visibly sag.

“Wait let me tell you what happened…” You start defensively.

Every time you come into my room, it’s with a problem, what you don’t realise is that I don’t share your problem, I have some of my own.

My heart rate rises, your eyes capture mine so I can’t look away, my breathing goes shallow, I struggle to concentrate on what you’re saying and, worst of all, my dick gets hard.

I half turn towards you and take in your fantastic figure, your legs clad in tight black pants, which show off your curves fantastically, there’s a small gap showing some flesh below your black V neck jumper emphasizing your waist, your cleavage peeping out at me, your shoulders on display and I know your neck is exposed by the way you wear your hair up. Your glasses frame your beautiful eyes well, but I much prefer it when you haven’t got them on and I can see your ‘naked’ eyes for real.

You wore those very same clothes a few weeks previously, the day you caught me in the storeroom. My first instinct that day was to wrap my arms around your waist and pull you close, my second as you walked out was to stroke your shoulder and kiss your neck.

I snap back to now and realise that you’re talking, I’m sort of following what you’re saying, you tell me the reference and I turn to face the screen, concealing the bulge in my pants. It takes me two attempts to concentrate enough to type the number in right.

I can hear your breathing, smell your perfume and see you reflected in my screen, three senses are overwhelmed, Feeling your naked skin next to me and tasting you would complete the sensory set and probably blow my mind.

You lean in next to me, your head almost on my shoulder and point at the errant information, but all I can do is take in your scent and feel the warmth of your body next to mine, I turn my head towards yours and our lips almost touch, I turn quickly again to stare at the screen.

“So you ran it, and this happened?”

“Yes.” You mumble into my ear

My heart is beating its way out of chest as I turn to look at you and find you looking down at my hard cock.

“How do you suppose that happened?” you ask, and I’m not sure if you’re talking about work or not. I look deeply into your eyes, trying to gauge which is it, but play safe,

“Suppose the Interface needs tweaking.” I say

“Doesn’t look like it to me,” You say and your eyes fix again on my pants, “But lets see what we can do about it.”

With that you move towards me, the smell of your perfume enveloping me and your lips opening onto mine.

Your lips feel so soft, you’re not being firm with me, our mouths are just brushing, I move forwards, responding to your advance and you take your cue to kiss me properly.

My hand moves up your arm and over your shoulder to cup the back of your neck, pulling you even closer and my other hand searches for your hip, when I’ve got my bearings, I guide you so you’re sat in my lap.

My arms wrap around your waist, and your arms wrap around my neck, kissing me hungrily as I stroke the bare part of your back where I know your tattoo is.

The phone rings, but there’s no way I’m going to answer it, I’m tied up in a ‘meeting’ and it’s not even Eight Thirty in the morning. I don’t start until Nine.

You pause and look at me looking for a sign of wanting to answer it, but I slide my arm smoothly down your thigh, look you in the eye and reach for your lips again.

Without a word, you stand up, unzip my pants and slide them down, before removing your own and climbing astride me. You slide onto my cock and lock your arms around me, resting for a second

I look into your eyes as you start to move up and down on me, slowly and deliberately, your breathing matching mine, I can feel you wanting to rush, but I try to hold you closer to slow you down, I’ve waited for this moment for months, and I’m not wanting to rush it. You lean back and your hips move faster as you come to a frantic climax, I’m not far behind.

You sit facing me for second, your head resting on my shoulder, your warm breath on my neck and all too soon, you slide off me to redress yourself.

I watch you for a second, watch the black fabric smoothed over those lovely hips and the zip tugged back into place.

“Are you working late?” you ask with a glint in your eye.

I take in the Beauty stood before me, the woman who just rode me to ecstasy and back now looks again like butter wouldn’t melt.

“I wasn’t planning to,” I begin, “But I…”

“Good,” you interrupt, “I’ve no plans for tonight, do you fancy showing a girl a good time?”

The glint reappears in your eye and it seems that I’d better have a hearty lunch, I’m not sure what or if I’ll be eating later that day.

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