Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Listening Brief

She ordered me to sit on the bed, told me to get ready, made me lie so that my arms and legs were spread and tied one to each bedpost, each time, I felt the silk tighten around my wrist or ankle, just starting to bite into the skin before she stopped.

The blindfold was next, wrapped around my head and my sight was gone. Down to only four senses, touch, taste, smell and hearing.

The doorbell rang and she went downstairs, and then came back up.

“Who was that?” I asked

“Bloody door to door salespeople.” I heard her say, and I could tell from her tone that she didn’t like the interruption any more than I did.

I could hear her breathing, her movement, even the whisper of fabric as she removed the chemise from her body, and then she was leaning on the bed, touching my body, taking her time, her tongue, her lips, her fingers, tickling, probing, stroking, he was getting harder and harder with every touch.

She straddled my torso, working her way slowly up until I could feel the heat from her pussy through the fabric of her knickers, and could smell how turned on she was. I was dying to move, to grab her arse and pull her to my lips, but I was stuck, and she was teasing me. I tried to move my head closer and lick her, but she moved away.

I stopped trying to reach her when a pair of lips touched my cock, and I gasped. I simply wasn’t expecting it because I knew that they weren’t hers.

She heard me and I heard her chuckle a little, “Do you like that?” she questioned as the other person slid their tongue all over the head, I allowed a moan to escape my lips as the lips slid down over the head and I felt the inside of her mouth, the warmth on my length as her mouth engulfed me.

My hips were bucking off the bed, trying to get her to go faster as my partner kissed me and drove me higher.

I got a full five minutes of blowjob before I came in her mouth and dropped back onto the mattress.

My wife then lay next to me on her back, “Did you like that,” she whispered in my ear. “ I nodded and gasped with the effort expended.

“Our companion,” She began “Is now going to pleasure me.” And with that she lay back against my arm, and I laid by her, hearing the noises of another woman going down on her, hearing her moan, and as time went on, feeling her move next to him, moving her hips as she got ready to come and when she came, she shook and I heard her sigh of contentment.
At that, she turned over and gave me a long loving kiss as the third person got off the bed and stood up.

She reached over to stroke my face and removed the blindfold from my eyes, as my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw stood at the foot of our bed, a Blond haired, Blue Eyed six foot man with a toned body.

I looked at her and she looked back at me, awaiting my reaction.

I looked back open mouthed at both her and our visitor…

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