Sunday, 8 January 2006

Personal Time

You know how it is, with jobs, kids, friends a worries, you never stop to think that you really should make some personal time for the two of you.

Sure there’s always a drunken fumble, or just before sleep sex, but that’s not quite the same as looking into each others eyes, talking about ‘us’ or spending a night slowly building up to bedtime.

She’s been at work today, started at Lunch, won’t be home ‘til gone Nine, she’ll be tired, I am too, I’ve had the kids all day, and while I love ‘em to pieces, they aren’t half hard work.

So what do I have planned for tonight?

Well, The car’s headlights will sweep across the living room wall, engine will go silent, the car door will slam shut and the key will turn in the lock. I’ll anticipate the door opening and will be waiting as she’s barely got inside the front door, I’ll relieve her of her coat, slide the garment from her shoulders and hang it up for her, as she closes and lock’s the door, I’ll put her bag down, kiss her softly and guide her upstairs.

The light on the landing will be off, so will the one in the bathroom, but the flicker will give it away. With my hand on her bottom, she’ll reach the top of the stairs and will turn right to find a full bath with bubbles to relax into, the shadows dancing around the room from the candles lining the edges of the tub.

She’ll turn towards me and, putting her arms around my neck, she’ll reach up and kiss me on the lips, before pushing me gently away so she can get undressed. She knows how much I always want her and that watching her get undressed drives me wild with lust, I just want to dive in there and then, let my hands wander and try to turn her on too.

She’s not as horny as I am most of the time, not easily aroused. She likes the intimacy, she likes the cuddling, kissing, being held, but no so much the lovemaking.

She eases the zip down from her chest to her waist and carefully strips her top off over her head, her raised arms bring her full breasts into view for the first time and they are made to look perfect by both her lifted arms and the fantastic job her bra does of showing them off. Her hair falls as it is released from the lilac material and the curls bounce around her ears. After folding her blouse she leans on the side of the bath and removes her shoes in turn and then slides her trousers down over her ankles, bending over to place them with her blouse, I get the perfect view of her cheeks surrounded by the pink lace of her shorties. She’s done it on purpose, she knows that at this moment I could quite happily fall to my knees behind her and lick, bite and chew her arse, to be honest if I thought she’d let me, I’d be doing it by now.

I move in as she straightens up and wrap my arms around her waist, kissing her neck and shoulders, her hair gets in the way and I pull it to one side to continue the licking that I know she loves and moving onto her ears. My arms slide up her sides to cup her breasts through the see through bra, and as she feels their warmth, she melts back into my body, allowing me to make her feel good, allowing me to worship her body. She can feel how much I want her, but I know how tired she is, so I leave the room before she removes her underwear, slides into the hot water and moans as the day’s trials and tribulations start to soak from her tired limbs.

I retreat to the bedroom and allow her to relax, I know that she’ll be washing the day from her mind and the hard work from her limbs. The water will glisten from her curves, her hair tied up to stop it getting wet and her face drawn back in pleasure at the hot water that caresses every inch of her body.

I undress, lie on the bed and anticipate the possibility of what is to come, my thoughts on whether she’ll feel like making love and if she does what might happen and what I would really like to happen. I drift away in my thoughts and I my fantasy starts to form, my hand moves down my body and into my pant to caress my already hard member, I stroke it gently like I hope she will, and I feel my excitement levels grow, but I use my self discipline to stop myself.

After what achingly seems like hours, the plug is removed and I hear her get out of the bath, she appears around the doorframe to our room, wrapped in a towel, her hair pinned up and a relaxed look on her face.

She lies next to me still wrapped up, I ache to rip the towel from her body and smother her body with mine, caressing, licking, nibbling kissing, but I know that her skin will still be wet, so I console myself with rolling onto my side and reaching for her, bringing her closer, watching her watching me.

We lie for a while like that, talking occasionally, touching each other, kissing relaxed.

Then as I feel that we’re ready, I’ll gently remove her towel and roll her onto her front so that I can pull the towel from under her. My attention then returns to her, I love her back I could lick it for hours, my gaze wanders from the top of her head which is buried in the pillow, past her shoulder which is covered with the ends of her curly hair, down her back to the small which I so love to surprise her by licking, her cheeks then rise and fall into her legs which taper down to her toes.

I don’t know where to start, so I decide to start at the top and work my way down, I lie on top of her and lick her shoulders, her neck, my arms wrapped around her body. She moves with me, enjoying the feel of my tongue, warning me not to mark her when I use my teeth and murmuring her approval sometimes.

I slowly move down her back, licking both the back itself, and both sides under her arms, she squirms as my actions tickle her, ‘I can’t bear it’ she squeals and she knows that I’ll only do it even more. The small of her back beckons to me as I move lower and a long lick downwards ending there is appreciated, she loves me gently licking there for two reasons, because she likes it, and also because she knows that my next port of call will be her fabulous arse. I move my body down a little and those two cheeks hove into view.

Now I could spend hours talking about her arse, so imagine how long I could spend worshipping it, my tongue has mapped every single inch of those fabulous cheeks, my teeth love to bite it, my hand is drawn to smack it occasionally and it’s one of her best features. Tonight I lightly lick each side and then I pull the cheeks apart and bury my tongue in the puckered hole, she enjoys this, she moans quietly as I rim her.

I trail my lips down both legs and her ankles. I don’t touch her feet, she describes it as torture when I tickle her feet, so this time only I leave them alone, I’ve got an urgency to penetrate her and while I could just jump to that bit, I want to pleasure my lady, I want to enjoy the foreplay, I want to make her nice and wet before I enter her.

Turning her over, I work my way up her legs and thighs with my tongue, lips and teeth, reaching the top, I can smell her arousal, she’s already wet, but I don’t go near, I move straight past, onto her tummy an arms before coming to her breasts.

My tongue circles her tits, slowly, deliciously, teasingly, I lick the bottom of the breasts, I know she likes this, she likes this as much as her nipples being licked, so I always take my time, my tongue moves slowly up the breasts, then back down, then a bit further up towards the nipple, teasing her, I move up as if I’m about to take a nipple in my mouth, I feel her body shift to anticipate my action, but I move straight past and lick her neck, nibble her ears and kiss her soft lips.

I roll off her and she shivers at the sudden cold and moves towards me, I guide her arm down my body and she reaches to stroke me, I’m hard already as always but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the sensation of her finger softly grazing my cock, or stroking my balls, her nails running over my hair, or her hand wrapping around my shaft.

I shift onto my back and he stands proudly in the air, she continues to administer to his needs and I lie back and enjoy the sensations. I urge her to use her tongue, her lips, her mouth to pleasure me, but she resists. I don’t know if she doesn’t like it or she can’t be bothered, I moan as her fingers stroke me, and plead to be pleasured, she sighs and moves her head down my torso, until I can feel her breath, and her lips follow, then her tongue too and I’m in Heaven.

She moves up and down, licking every single inch and her hand helps, her lips open and close around the edge and she can feel my arousal, she knows this drives me mad, but she’s so reluctant to do it. I beg for her to suck me, but she shakes her head and it makes her lips move up and down the side of my shaft, driving me mad with desire, my hips move in time with her, I beg again, I promise her things but she stops and lies back down next to me.

I lower my head to her nipple and gently roll it between my lips, her hand brushes the back of my head and pulls me closer, and I urgently suck, pausing only to lick my fingers then my hand makes it’s way down her body and slides between her labia, her clit is raised already, begging to be touched. She makes a token effort to stop me, but my finger circles her slowly, maintaining contact all of the time, she pulls me closer, grips me while she starts to move her hips, she tries to turn onto her back but I stop her. She moans and tries again, and I allow her to, she places both feet on the bed and I switch nipples briefly before searching out her lips for a kiss.

She can’t keep her hips still now, her kissing becomes more and more urgent, and she moves with my fingers. My left hand reaches around her neck and my fingers seek out her left nipple, my lips return to her right breast and my finger reach for lubrication before returning to her clit, her moans grow louder as her movements become more animated.

I know she’s reaching the point of no return and to spur her on my fingers pull on one nipple while my lips pull on the other. The change makes her movements more pronounced and she kisses me before she starts moaning, shaking and clinging to me while her orgasm peaks then subsides, she pushes my fingers from her pussy and wraps herself around me, desperately kissing me deeper and deeper until I gasp for breath.

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