Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Late Again

He glanced at the clock, Nine Fifteen, she was late again. It was Friday, and today would make it five days late out of five this week. Of course, he’d known that she’d be late, almost that she wanted to be.

He shook his head and returned his attention to his work, he was just finishing an email when she popped her head around the door of his cramped office.

He frowned at her and indicated the seat by the side of his desk, she sheepishly slunk into the room and lowered herself into the chair.

He let her sit in silence for a moment while he looked her up and down, he took in her black flat shoes, sheer black tights, pleated black skirt, while blouse with the pattern from her white bra showing through and her long straight brown hair, of course her beautiful eyes looked at him occasionally, but mostly she looked at the floor in shame.

‘What am I going to do with you?” he asked rhetorically “You’ve been late every single day this week.” He paused to let this sink in.

She looked up at him, parted her glossy lips to speak, but then dropped her head again.

“In line with the company disciplinary policy, this is going to have to be your final warning Rebecca,” a stern tone in his voice now, “This lateness has got to stop or we’re going to have to review your future in this office.”

Her face dropped, she looked as if she was going to cry, and he suddenly remembered how young she was, at twenty three she was nearly ten years his junior, and she was obviously shocked by both his tone and his threat.

She looked up at him with those wide eyes and her eyes seemed to plead with him, then her voice broke the silence “I really need this job John,” her voice stumbled as she continued, “I have to pay for my flat and my bills need to be paid, I’ll improve, please don’t put anything on my file.”

He looked at her and she looked back, the desperation in her face was evident and his heart started to soften, but then he realised that if he was ever going to make money for the company, he had to think like a businessman.

“I’ll do anything, she said and leaned forward in her chair towards him.”

He sat back and thought for a while, she was sat there, waiting to see what he would say.

“OK, you have a week to turn this around,” he stated, “If you’re late one more time between now and next Friday, I’ll have to find someone else. While we’re discussing your performance, I expect your work rate to be pretty high today, it’s a key date.”

She leaned back, looking grateful but slightly surprised.

“Off you go then,” John urged, “I’m sure you have things that need to be done.” With that she got up and left the room.

As she reached the door, he called after her, “By the way, Coffee, White, No sugar.” She smiled a little and disappeared from view.

He sighed slightly and wiggled his mouse to dismiss the screensaver and turned in his chair to check his email, He was halfway through reading about a new client, when Rebecca slowly re-entered the room carrying a cup of hot coffee.

She worked her way carefully around his desk and put the cup on the coaster before quickly turning to leave the room, flicking the cup over and sending the hot liquid all over the desk and onto the floor. John jumped up and shouted at her to go and get something to mop it up with. She ran out to the kitchen and came back with a tea towel, began dabbing at the desk while he watched, she then got down on her knees and mopped up the coffee. She glanced up and joked, “I didn’t think you’d want to drink it!”

As she got the last of the liquid, she looked up and he got a perfect view of her cleavage, He’d never noticed it before, but the angle was somewhat unusual, and what he was seeing caught him by surprise he’d never noticed her figure before, and she noticed that he was looking. She blushed and tried to get up quickly, but only managed in the cramped conditions to bump into his midsection and fall to the floor again, her skirt riding up and showing him that she was wearing stocking not tights.

This was one of John’s weaknesses and he immediately started to feel himself getting aroused, from Rebecca’s eyeline, she had noticed.

Kneeling up again, she reached for his angle, “You know,” she started, “ I always did want to work my way up in this company.” As she finished talking, her hand started to travel up his leg. He thought about stopping her, but she knew he was turned on and they were both Adults.

Her hand moved over his knee and worked it’s way up his thigh until it reached the bulge in his pants, and she gave it a thoughtful rub before reaching up, undoing the button and pulling the zip down. Pulling at his waistband, she tugged his pants and boxers down and his hard cock sprang out.

“Maybe I should be glad I was late now,” she purred before shaking her head to get the hair from her face and extending her tongue until it made contact with the head of his member, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation and she circled him and then sunk her lips down his length.

She started to move backwards and forwards, her lips and tongue all over him, one hand holding his hip, the other wrapped around his shaft, or stroking his balls.

He could feel that he was getting more and more turned on, he opened his eyes and reached down to push her away from him, she looked at him, slightly taken aback, but he grasped her arms and pulled her roughly to her feet.

Pulling her to him, he brought his lips down to meet hers, and his hands circled her waist to lift her skirt and stroke her arse cheeks and upper legs above the stocking tops, she responded by fiercely kissing him and putting an arm around his neck.

When he’d stroked her arse enough, he eased her away again and started to unbutton her blouse until it hung open, her tits on display in the floral bra, and her eyes watching him taking her in.

“Do you like what you see?” She tempted him, He whistled in appreciation and then his face turned rather stern.

“You do realise that I still have to discipline you for your lateness.” She looked at him with a puzzled expression.

Grabbing her arms, he turned her and bent her over the desk until her face was back at him over her shoulder, he pulled her skirt up, moved the panties from her cheek and slapped it hard.

She started to get up, but he pushed her back down and slapped the same cheek again, only harder. She could feel him get his fingers under her panties, and yank them down so they laid around her ankles.

Pulling her cheeks apart, he spread her lips and pushed his long hard cock into her, so fast her hands slipped and she fell onto the desk gasping as he pulled back, grabbed her hips and banged into her again, even harder this time.

She fought to regain her position and started to push back on his thrusts with as much effort as she could. Slowing down he grabbed her blouse, pulled it off her shoulders and threw it on the chair, he then he unhooked her bra and freed her of that also, reaching round to cup her fantastic breasts, he started to fuck her hard again, pulling on her nipples and making her gasp from the sensations coursing through her body.

He sped up and slammed into her for the last time before cumming inside her. He leaned forward and kissed the small of her back before pulling her up and turning her to face him. He gave her a small kiss and reached for his pants. She retrieved her clothes from the chair and started to get dressed again.

Looking at him, she gave him a smile and then when she looked presentable, she turned to leave. She’d just got to the door, when he said her name.

“Rebecca,” he waited until she looked at him before he continued, “What are you doing tonight?”

She looked at him for a second and then said “Well, when you’ve finished your work this afternoon, I need you to look in the garage for my Dad’s Hedge trimmers, we’ve got to go and drop them off because he needs them this weekend, after that you better have something planned for our wedding anniversary and after that, lets just say that I have a little room next door booked, if you’re lucky I might just indulge one of your other fantasies. With a wink, she left the office and turned right.

“Oh, and darling,” The raised voice came from their bedroom “I wouldn’t expect to leave the house this weekend.

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