Monday, 2 January 2006

The First piece I wrote

The evening was looking good

Thinking back on the day's events, she remembered leaving work in the dark, and trudging in the wet and cold to the bus stop
Standing at the bus stop, she'd tried not to watch the young couple kissing while she ‘looked forward’ to a lonely night in, just her, the soaps and a microwave meal.
That was all she had planned, and then probably an early night so she'd have the energy to face the office in the morning for the early meeting.

The bus journey was uneventful, just the usual coughing and spluttering because of the weather, the odd attempted sideswipe at a car by the bus driver and lots of people getting on and off, the bus gradually emptying, but she was lost in her reflections of the day. Before she knew it, they were passing the park, and after ringing the bell slowly and carefully rose and make her way to the front.
'Evening Luv' the bus driver said as she stepped down the doors hissed and it pulled away leaving her in the dark as the light moved on.
Wandering down the road avoiding the puddles, she day dreamed about him, stuck in Glasgow, working hard, probably trying to make his way to his hotel at the moment, he'd be listening to some calming music as he negotiated the traffic jams, maybe reflecting on his own day.

Turning right up the path, she used her key to open the front door of the flats and stopped momentarily to make sure the door closed, what with the wind, it didn't always catch properly.
the stairs creaked as she climbed them, complaining that she wanted to use them almost, getting to the first floor landing, she moved quietly past the doors, trying not to engage the neighbours, the last thing she wanted to do was listen to Mrs Kline's monologue about the kids in the next block, especially if it was the 12" disco remix version with 3 choruses of 'They should make them do national service'
as she climbed to the second floor, she could see the light coming from under her door, she was thought she'd turned it off, but it was on.
Getting her keys back out of her pocket, she unlocked the deadbolt and then the Yale, the door swung easily away from her and she could see the light was on in the hall.
Quietly pushing the front door closed, she pulled off her heavy winter coat, and straightened her hair as she flicked off her shoes and pushed them with her toes under the shoe rack. Her bag hung behind the door, she turned into the kitchen, flicked the kettle on, and moved into the bathroom.

The bathroom was cold, and the feel of her toes on the tiles chilled her a little. She sat on the side of the bath, turning the hot tap on, she waited for it to run warm before putting the plug in, and paused momentarily while choosing which bubble bath to use
the green one caught her eye, and she slowly unscrewed the top and poured some into the water, immediately the white foam rested on the top of the bath
water and the scent of apple surrounded her.

Moving towards the bedroom, she heard the kettle switch itself off, if she sat down or lay down, she knew that she’d be asleep in no time at all, a cup of coffee might keep her awake long enough to eat some food.

But no it’d be better to get in the bath and relax before she tackled anything else.
Swiftly undressing, she threw her clothes in the hamper and waited until the bath was full enough, she turned off the hot tap, added some cold, and after a quick stir with her hand, she eased her aching body into the steaming liquid

The groan she let out, as she felt the warmth coarse though her body, echoed off the walls and back to her. With her head laid back on the end of the tub, she though again of him, slipping into the shower after a hard day at the office, his hands moving all over his body, down his legs, over his torso, across his shoulders and the water running off his face and down his toned body.

Thoughts of him, made her feel good, and her fingers absent mindedly traced under her breasts and then came up to brush her nipples, they grew hard under her touch, and she could feel the rest of her body responding also, she gently traced her fingers up her thighs and over her hips before resting again.

She lay there for a while alternatively washing and resting, after about half an hour, she let the water out and pulling the shower curtain across, turned the shower on and started to wash her hair, making sure she got all of the rain and city grime out of it

As she pulled the hair through her fingers to remove the water, she watched it run down her body, over her curves, the soapy liquid eventually wandering down the bath and down the plug hole.

Reaching beyond the curtain, she grabbed the towel and wrapped it over her chest, then stepping out of the bath she reached into the cupboard for a smaller towel and wrapped it around her long dark hair

Making her way from the bathroom, she was starting to feel hungry, and thought about throwing something in the Micro, but decided she'd rather get dressed first.
As she pushed the bedroom door open and switched on the light , the first thing she noticed were the flower petals, they were many colours, and went from the door around the bed, her eyes following the path to the pillow. There at the top of the bed laid out carefully was the most beautiful green dress, knee length with short sleeves, it was lined and she knew it would fit her perfectly. It was the one they’d seen in town the other week, and next to it a red box, a black box and a white envelope.

Moving to the bed, she opened the red box to find some lovely underwear, black pretty but understated, Bra, hi legs and tights

The black box contained a lovely wrap, it’s colour complemented the dress and as she wrapped it around her shoulders, she could feel the warmth, gently she put it back into the box and picked up the last item.

Her fingers caressed the envelope trying to feel what was inside, but her impatience got the better of her, and she excitedly tore it open, sliding the contents out slowly there were two tickets to the theatre in town for the play she had wanted to see, and the final sheet of paper simply said

‘I’ll pick you up at eight.’

Looking at the alarm clock, she could see it was already 7:15. It was a good job she’d already bathed, rushing back into the bathroom, she spent fifteen minutes drying her hair, and ten getting her makeup right.

Returning to the bedroom, she removed her towel, and after using it to dry herself, she draped it over the end of the bed.

Reaching into the Red box, she removed the underwear and slid the knickers over her feet and up her legs until they fitted snugly, looking in the mirror, she adjusted them

She placed one bra strap on her right shoulder and slipped the other up her left arm and onto that shoulder, she adjusted the bra so that it was over her breasts, and reached around behind her to fasten it, running her hands underneath the cups, she eased the under wire into position so that everything felt comfortable.

The tights were next and on each leg the sheer material slid up her smooth legs and after tugging them on, she smoothed them into place.

Looking at the clock, it was 07:40, and turning to look in the mirror, she was rather pleased with how she looked, of course stockings would have been sexier, but with the weather he’d made a wise choice, she loved him for that. Running her fingers over the bra, she could feel the quality of the material

Reaching for the dress she picked it up by the shoulders, and turning it over, undid the zip. She wanted to feel the smooth shiny material against her skin, it had felt good when she’d tried it on in the shop, but now it was hers and she loved it.

She rubbed her hands all over her body and teased the garment into place, so it hung just right. Reaching for the wrap, she felt the warmth on her shoulder again, and she knew he’d be knocked out when he saw her, he’d said she looked beautiful in the shop, but that was with the stress of the day in her face, and the white trainers she’d been wearing.

She looked down suddenly, ‘Shoes!’ she said out loud, and as she turned to go to the wardrobe, she heard her mobile phone beeping, that was probably him to say he was on his way, turning quickly she retrieved it from her bag in the hall and brought the message up as she walked back into the bedroom.

‘I’m outside’ it screamed at her, damn, he was early, calming down quickly, she decided to take her time, he can hang around for me, he’ll think I’m worth the wait.

Reaching into the bottom of the wardrobe, she removed two pairs of black shoes, one with higher heels than the other

Slipping into the shorter pair, she looked in the mirror ‘Hmm’ escaped her lips, she’d be a little smaller than him, but she’d be a lot more comfortable.

Reaching back into the wardrobe, she replaced the other pair, and then unhooked her coat from the hanger, slipping it over her shoulders, she went to the front door, grabbing her keys, opened the door and closed it behind her. All that could be heard from inside the flat was the click of the Yale engaging and the clunk as the deadbolt slid into place.

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