Monday, 30 January 2006


We’ve been out for the afternoon, lying on the beach, enjoying the sun, watching the people, reading our books.

We’ve laid there, the world has passed us by for a few hours. you climbs from your lounger and pick up your brightly coloured towel. I get the hint and rise, collecting my belongings and follow your footsteps up the beach.

Your graceful walk in front of me has my attention and I admire that beautiful figure, your costume showing off the fantastic curves I know so well to all around us.

As you stop at the road I catch up and run my hand across the fabric covered cheeks, it makes you jump a little and I slide it back towards me before entwining my fingers between yours.

We cross over to the apartments and climb the stairs. Stopping at the top, I glance out over the sea, your fingers slip from mine and I hear the key in the lock as you enter and then the shower starts.

The sun is dipping, the light reflecting off the sea, the splendour of the landscape being brought to an early evening Crescendo. I continue to look on the beauty available to me, tomorrow is another day, and one that beckons us onto a plane back home.

The shower stops and the hairdryer starts, the door to our apartment is still open, my love is in the bathroom cleansing her body of a day of the beach.

I turn and enter our room, close the front door and pass her in the doorway of the bathroom, she’s a vision wrapped in a white towel, I remove my clothes and climb into the white basin, turn the tap on and my body is doused in freezing cold water, I wait for the warmth and it slowly comes, spreading feeling back to the extremities of my body, making it easy for me to scrub.

I finish and reach for the towel, I wrap myself in its warmth for a minute before removing it again and dabbing the water from my body.

I leave the bathroom and turn into to main bedroom to see you silhouetted in the balcony doors, admiring the view towards the middle of the island, maybe tracing the paths we’d taken during the last week.

You black dress you have on, is one you know I like, it has small blue flowers on and is notionally a dress, but it barely covers your arse, and there’s no way you would go out in it. I ease up behind you and wrap one arm around your waist, my other hand reaches in the other direction and I have you in my grip, one hand on the other, you resting back on me, my chin on your shoulder sharing your view.

You turn in my arms and give me a lingering kiss before guiding me to the bed.

I lie down and you lie down next to me, entwined in each others arms, hands exploring, lips kissing, the sun slowly descending in the sky…

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