Sunday, 5 February 2006

Private Appearance

I sit in the chair in the corner to which I was directed, the curtains are drawn and only a bedside light is on. The light cast shadows from the bed onto the walls.

The bed is mine, and I know it very well, but tonight it was a new cream Duvet cover and Pillowcases, it’s laid out as if only one person is going to be sleeping in it.

The door opens and you walk in, turning to look in the mirror you admire the black Bra and shorts you are wearing, it shows off the magnificent curves you have, and I can see the reflection of your hands smoothing their way over the sexy clothing. New Lingerie, I’d never seen that before either.

As you move to the bed, I look into your eyes but you don’t even acknowledge my presence. Reaching out with your right arm, you ease your body into the middle of the mattress.

You lie there for a second with your eyes closed and then your left arm moves, reaching up, running a finger across your stomach, tracing it’s way up to your breasts, your hand starts to stroke the parts not covered by the silky material, your right hand rising up and tending to your other breast. You gently stroke them, taking care and time to ensure that each one is given plenty of contact.

You slowly sit up and reach behind you to unhook the bra, and then ease yourself back down onto the covers again with it still clasped to your front. You continue to stroke the areas that are uncovered but start to gradually push the material from your beautiful C cups until with all pretence of coverage gone, you toss it to one side.

You lie there and stroke your nipples until they stand to attention, then you switch to the bottom of the breast. I now watch as your right hand creeps down towards your shorts, your run a finger down the edge of the fabric until it reaches the bottom, then your fingers trace up and down the thin strip that separates your fingers from their ultimate destination.

I sit there transfixed by the way you meet your urges, but also by the discipline you show in not rushing to the inevitable goal. I’m turned on, my hand slipping into my own pants.

You’re now starting to breathe more heavily, and your fingers move faster and faster outside the shorts. Your hand slides up to the waistband and your fingers find their way under the cloth and although I can’t see you doing it, I imagine you stroking the wet lips of your pussy, your legs clasped firmly together.

With your eyes still closed your other hand moves from your left nipple and your legs raise to plant your feet firmly on the mattress and your bottom then rises a few inches for you to slide your pants down those fantastic legs and with a flick of your foot, they’re gone.

Your legs part as you put your feet on the bed again, about a foot apart, your knees bent and your thighs separated to allow your fingers access. Your hands move between your legs, and with a finger on your right hand, you part your lips and your finger reaches for your clit.

I can sense your excitement at being watched and it drives you on, your finger tending to your pussy, and your other hand rolling your nipple, you work quickly and your body moves, your moaning rises and then you raise your knees to support your hips as they begin to move. At this point you finally open your eyes and look directly at me, your mouth parted to express your arousal, your hips rising, your breathing fast and your fingers working on both your breast and your clitoris.

I know you’re there, your eyes close again and as you clamp your legs around your hand you’re not able to control your own movement for a few seconds, then you relax onto the cream sheets and your eyes open again, the smile on your face unmistakable.

I can feel the throbbing between my legs as we maintain eye contact. “Now that I’m sorted for a little while,” you begin, “Why don’t you get out of that Bra and Panties so I can make you feel the same way?” You end the sentence with a wink but I’m already moving towards the bed.

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