Friday, 24 February 2006

Time Together - Part 3

The meal at the Italian was a surprise to her, she’d been expecting a quick drink and off to bed, but I was intent to make the most of our time together and wanted to do what normal couples do, so I ushered her into a cab and we were driven to an expensive yet understated restaurant.

Our table was in a discrete area, one that wasn’t well lit. We spent the night eating, chatting, holding hands and laughing, all of the things we didn’t normally get to do. This wasn’t a snatched lunch or a meal that was rushed so that we didn’t get spotted, this was our time.

The meal finished, the bill paid, we wandered back leisurely along the river, holding hands, stopping to kiss, linking arms and cuddling together. The cool evening air, cooling our urge to pounce but as we got closer to the hotel, I dragged her from the pathway, behind a wall. Leaning on the brickwork and pulled her close, out lips met and our hands wandered freely, stroking, touching. I lifted the back of your dress and my fingers sought out the edge of the now exposed underwear, tracing the lace from the waistband down the cheek to the furrow between her arse and shapely leg.

A few minutes spent there, raising the anticipation. I felt you reach for my belt but I held your hand for a second and raised it up to my neck. You could feel my arousal but I wouldn’t let you satiate it. It was driving you mad, me too, but I have plans and they don’t involve going alfresco, not as such anyway.

After a short while, I stopped teasing you and led you by the hand to the hotel, the lift carried us to our floor and I used my key to let us in. You walked in first and I watched as you sat calmly on the edge of the bed. You were onto me, you knew I was playing it cool, I’m not going to rush, so you wait.

I removed my tie, and moved towards you, but you stood and stepped over to the window, looking out at the city, hands on the glass. I watched you for a few seconds then eased up behind you, my arms around you, my lips on your neck, holding you close.

Your head lolled backwards as you enjoyed my lips and my hands slide up over your curves, then back down to the hemline of your dress before I carefully lift it so that I slowly unveil your fabulous body, framed perfectly by the lingerie I chose for you.

You allowed me to remove your dress and put your hands back on the glass, I undressed and stepped behind you again, my hands, tongue and lips moving all over your body, while you stood against the window, my movements sometimes caught you unawares and you pushed me away, but I was soon back with my desire to turn you on and tease you at the same time. Occasionally I saw you looking at me in the glass, your face covered in smiles. I stood up and unhooked your bra, throwing it onto the bed before reaching around and stroking around your breasts, circling in towards the nipples and when my fingers began to pinch them, they were already erect, begging for attention and I spent the time on them while you ground your arse into my cock.

At one time you removed your hand from the glass, but I growled at you to put it back and after a brief hesitation, you complied. I knew you were enjoying my touch, but wasn’t aware how much until you groaned

“Fuck me.”

I stopped in my tracks, you were seriously turned on and I knew what I had to do. Pulling your panties to one side, I played a finger over your lips and then eased myself into you. Pulling you close I kissed your neck again.

“Isn’t it beautiful,” you moaned, “and I knew you were looking out on the city, pressed up against the window, your arms long since bent, you tits up against the cold glass and anyone looking in this direction would have seen you and I in the act of fucking. It didn’t take long, the teasing that had been happening all evening had us both in a frenzy and we came fast and hard, as close as we could be, but looking at the lights of the city. You collapsed against the glass and I push you hard against it biting your shoulder.

We collapsed to the ground and lay there for a few seconds recovering. Eventually I help you up and you climb into the bed. Tonight’s going to be a first, we’re going to actually fall asleep in the same bed, together and wake up together, but before then, we’re going to explore and probe, love and kiss, cum and swallow, bend and stretch. You know that I’m going to make the most of this time and drive you wild…

Before we part again tomorrow and go back to our own separate lives, begging for the next time we see each other.

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