Friday, 24 February 2006

I want

To dream of you to see you to catch your eye across a room to see your smile to move towards you to stand and talk to you to touch your hand to dance with you to wrap my arms around you to hold you to be so close I can smell you to whisper in your ear to smell your hair to stroke the nape of you neck to stroke your hair to kiss your neck to hold you tight to kiss your lips to feel your tongue in my mouth to feel your hands on my sides to feel the urgency in you to reach for the bottom of your top to remove it to feel your hands on my zip to reach for your tits and stroke them to feel your hands on my cock to watch you drop to your knees in front of me to feel your lips and tongue on me to feel your lips slide down my length to have you make me cum in your mouth to kiss you greedily afterwards to ease you out of your pants to lick your arse to bite your cheeks to push you onto your back to part your legs to lick your thighs to lick your lips to finger your pussy to touch your clit to lick you to orgasm to climb on top of you to thrust inside you to feel your hands holding onto me to feel you grip me to hold your legs up to get the right angle to fuck you hard and fast to hear you scream my name to roll off you to lie next to you to kiss your lips to look you in the eye to whisper your name to hold you tight to fall asleep.

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