Friday, 17 February 2006


There she was, lay on my bed. Not a stitch of clothing on, completely at my mercy. Not that she was naked you understand.

We’d been chatting all day, flirting from afar, getting more and more turned on. It had all started as a joke regarding underwear, but the idea had lodged in my head and I was aching to act it out with you, we’d been together before, but you wouldn’t be expecting this.

“What are you up to tonight,” I began my email, “because I’ve got plans, wanna be part of them?”

I get a reply with a smiley face and took that as a yes

“Meet you in the pub at eight.”

I’d gone home, prepared, showered and set out to meet her. The flirting had continued through texts and I dropped a hint that tonight was going to be different.

The glass door feels heavy as I push it open, she’d looks fantastic, sexy, alluring. I notice her from the door, sat at a table, cradling a drink between her hands. I got a round of drinks and sat down opposite her. Her beautiful eyes lift from her drink and meet mine across the table, her hair has been straightened instead of being curly and the clothes she was wearing show her figure off to perfection.

Over the next couple of hours we chat, laugh, talking about work, friends, family and hobbies, sharing funny stories, catching up from last time we met like this because we can’t really talk at work. Our hands touch sometimes and we don’t have to withdraw. As the drink begins to take effect and our inhibitions lower, the flirting grows more and more blatant. Hand touching becomes hand holding, holding becomes hand stroking and hand stroking eventually leads to leg stroking beneath the table. Our chat becomes more and more suggestive and when it becomes unbearable I invite her back to mine.

We barely get through the door before clothes are being discarded as quickly as possible, flesh is being groped and passion is boiling over. Hands and lips a flurry of activity as the flirting of the last 12 hours reaches a crescendo. The bedroom was too far away, so the couch sufficed as I bend her over the arm, slide inside her and fuck her as hard and fast as I can, Holding onto her hips we rush to a climax and then collapse together on the couch.

After a couple of minutes tangled together, I lead her to the bedroom, I knew she was up for anything, so I made my sexy woman sit on the edge of the bed.

Looking at me inquisitively as I reached into the wardrobe, she watched me pull out a roll of tape, the plastic type you use to wrap parcels, two inches thick and brown, her eyes flick between the tape and my face, a grin forms on the corners of her mouth and she awaits my instructions.

“Put your arms above your head.” I order and she complies instantly. The snapping sound of the tape unrolling makes her jump, but she doesn’t move those lovely arms as I bind them together at the wrists.

Next was the torso. I tightly wrap those voluptuous breasts across the nipples, they’re pushed into her chest, the tape going all of the way around her body twice, I have to be careful not to get the freshly straightened hair caught in it, the already raised arms were out of the way.

I indicate for her to stand and wrap 4 layers of the sticky tape around the hips I’d just held onto while fucking her, the smoothly shaved pussy hidden behind the opaque plastic. I know my lover’s turned on, I can feel it in her. I can smell both of our recently concluded sex and the arousal that rises afresh inside you.

Reaching down I carefully lift her onto the bed and bind the legs at the ankles. There she is, lying in front of me, completely at my mercy, the buttocks I love to slap poking in the air, the tape biting into the skin. I turn my plaything over and she makes eye contact with me, eyes showed nothing but lust, I brush her hair to one side and kiss her, she responds with as much force as possible while she’s restrained.

I rip two last pieces of tape from the roll and place one length over those luscious red lips, I see the light glinting off her eyes which show a hint of panic, but I stroke her cheek and then put the last piece of tape over her eyes.

I watch you squirm for a few seconds, and then pick up the rose I left by the bed earlier. I take my time running the rose over every inch of her body, her arms, ears, breasts, sides, thighs, feet.

She wriggles against it and tries to get away, but I tease her even more. The fact that you can’t see what’s coming makes it easy to take you unaware.

After 10 minutes of continuous teasing, I slowly remove the tape from her lips and kiss her deeply again, the gasps for breath interrupting me, but you then moan as I stroke underneath your breasts.

“I want to see,” she requests, and I want to see her eyes, so I carefully peel the plastic back and gaze into them.

“Fuck me.” she demands and I do as I’m told, I lift the bound ankles from the bed and part her knees so I can slide into the gap, raising myself with my hands, I slide my rock hard cock inside her hot pussy. A groan escapes her lips as I slide rhythmically in and out of her, the tape around her waist bites into my skin but our pace accelerates and we gradually build up to another climax, cumming inside her and collapsing on top of her.

I disentangle myself from her and remove the tape from her wrists and ankle so that we can cuddle. The bindings around her hips and torso remain for a while as we touch and caress, but she wants them removing. Searching for the end of the tape gives me a chance to tickle and I eventually start to unwind her hips, but I know how sensitive her nipples are, and as I peel the tape off them, she arches her back.

We lie together chatting and as I fall asleep in her arms, the thought in my mind is that next time it might be me at her mercy.

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