Wednesday, 15 February 2006


Someone’s leaving, leaving for a new company, new opportunities, new friends to make and obviously it was an excuse for everyone to get very drunk.

I leave work on time for a change, wander down to the Pub with a few people, we were chatting. Friday night’s always a good night to have a bit of a crack, bit of a laugh, let off some steam from the week’s stresses and ease into the weekend.

Walking through the door, the smoke hit me, I always like a drink with friends, but the smoke gets to me, the way it gets in your hair and your clothes. After 5 minutes you don’t notice it, but later as you take your clothes off, it suddenly hits you all over again.

I ordered drinks and sat down with the rest of the gang, some were already in, others yet to arrive. We were happily chatting and I noticed you entering the bar, I sneaked a quick look and I caught your eye as you sought me out.

I’d seen you during the day, the way you’d looked knocked my socks, I knew that you were sexy, clothing doesn’t define sexiness for me, but the way you were dressed just made me want you even more, to be wrapped around you. A couple of times during the day our paths crossed and all I wanted to do was to close the gap and be next to you.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched you approach the area we were sitting in. You removed your coat, and then leaned forward to adjust your top, your breasts almost falling out of it, I’m sure you caught me looking, but you didn’t even acknowledge my presence, I thought I caught a hint of a smile, maybe you meant to do that, I certainly wasn’t complaining.

Sat in different groups, talking to colleagues, I feel like everyone else can see the electricity between us, occasionally someone would shout across between the groups, our eyes make contact frequently, but it’s swiftly broken as one of us blushes or smiles.

I text you to tell you how sexy you looked and you responded with a smile. Our paths don’t look like crossing tonight. Thoughts, stories, jokes, all are being shared, everyone involved in some way. I watch you smile and laugh, I see your eyes, get caught up in them, the realise I’m starring and look away, forcing myself to chat to other people, I watch the straps on your white top fall down your arms under your wrap and all I can think is how much I want to slip my arms around your waist and feel your closeness.

After a couple of drinks, I have to excuse myself, I have to pop to the office and with a general wave and a smile, I leave the smoky bar, cross the road and tap the code into the door, I hear the buzzer of the door release start and pull the handle, the heavy wood and glass swings towards me and I pass through the doorway before tugging the windowsill in lieu of a handle, desperately trying to keep the cold out.

Walking up the stairs, I can hear my own footsteps echoing back at me, it’s not like this during the day, there are always smells and noises crowding the senses, but there’s nothing attacking me now.

My key turns in the lock with a click and I tap the alarm code in, the beeps halt as I hit the last button, and then switch the lights on, I’m soon sat at a computer checking that my automated tasks have completed, as they should. I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, and open the clamshell to find a text from you.

“Did I do something 2 upset u 2day” Shock grips me, I can’t believe what you’ve typed, it makes me feel slightly sick, have I made you feel bad?

“Nope” I reply “just didn’t want to embarrass you, I could look at you all night”

“So why didn’t u spk 2 me, gutted you left” the accusation and hurt is clear

“Had to go to work for a mo, prob a good idea because all I want to do is wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck”

I wait tensely for a reply, I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m typing, but I keep looking at my phone, willing it to buzz, to show that you understand, that the last thing we want is a scene in front of all at work.

I carry on with my work, waiting, the feeling in my stomach getting worse, I pick up my phone again.

“I’ll be back in a little while” I begin “I just need to check some stuff, then I’ll come and talk to you”

I hit the send button but the feeling doesn’t subside, I need a reply, to know that you’re OK.

“We can talk here.” I hear your voice behind me and I jump a mile, I’d not heard the doors, the footsteps, your phone getting my message. I’d been so intent on getting the message right.

Your hands ease onto my shoulders and I can feel their warmth, they wrap themselves around my torso and I can feel your breath on my ear. I lift your hands and stand, turning to face you. You’re a bit shorter than me but your eyes draw me in, I’m trapped unable to break away.

My instinct is to grab you, to satiate every desire I have now there’s no chance of being disturbed, but you move first and I allow you to dictate the pace, I can manage to wrap my arms around you to guide your body next to mine. My lips reach down to yours and we kiss softly at first then with more urgency, more passion, more longing, more need.

My hands stroke your back, your neck, and your sexy bum. I want to run my hands all over your body, to explore every single inch of you. I feel your hands doing the same and I know that tonight is a watershed.

You step back half a pace, looking into my eyes, I don’t know what you’re searching for, I don’t know if you find it, but you lean back into me, your head on my chest.

I pull away from you, turning to switch off the computer, leading you by the hand we leave the office, locking up, cuddling and kissing on the way. We re-enter the bar together to a few raised eyebrows. But we go back to our own friends and spend the night flirting from afar. If I’m lucky I may get to escort you home, If not I’ll have to arrange to see you another time, All I know is that it won’t be too far in the future.

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