Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Time Together - Part 1

So much time and effort had gone into it. It was only for a night, but it had taken months to set up. This wasn’t going to be a snatched moment like so many of the others, this was going to be a special night.

Step One - Book a hotel.

This wasn’t easy, I had a particular image in mind, I certainly didn’t want a Businessman’s room, it couldn’t be sleazy either, it had to be sexy, it had to be classic, something like a 4 poster bed was a step in the right directions, a nice bathroom, a room that looked classy. Once I narrowed the location down to London, it became a whole lot easier to pick somewhere with fantastic views.

Step Two - Make her think that I was away.

This one was not so easy either. How do you explain to your other half that you need to be away on a weekend night, without them. Not easy, in the end I’d found out that there was a Football Match on the same weekend, with the help of a friend I’d convinced her that we’d got away tickets and with it being a late match, it was safer to book a hotel than to drive back tired, plus it was a chance to have a few beers and catch up.

Step Three – Book a fantastic restaurant for a Saturday night meal.

Now this one was easy, with some help from the Hotel and seeking recommendations, an Italian had been booked, a good table secured.

Step Four – Arrange for you to meet me, without your knowledge.

Two had been hard, this was even worse. To get someone to a predetermined place without them knowing where they were going and why. I had to think about this one long and hard, to probe everything I knew about you, to pick something that would lead you where I wanted and needed you, unsuspecting.

In the end I had to pay for two of your friends to have a girly weekend away, to bring you to me, drop you off and then go on their way.

The cost of the night was steadily rising, but I honestly didn’t care, our time together is precious it was a small price to pay to get some personal time.

The weekend came and I drove off leaving her at home, Down the Motorway, counting the miles off, occasional texts off your mate, letting me know of your progress.

Getting to the hotel first, I checked in and requested to speak to the manager as arranged, a quick word in his ear and a slipped £20 got me the result I desired. The lobby is classy, the hotel is over 100 years old, you can tell that it’s evolved over time, not one of the new style of thrown together hotels, this is a place where someone took the time to design it, not part of a chain, it has it’s own individual style.

Going up to the room to check in, I carefully put some clothes away and when I was satisfied I moved to the hotel Bar.

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