Monday, 13 February 2006


From: David Wilson
Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:35
Subject: Well?
To: Jemma Richardson

OK, meet you outside at five.

>From: Jemma Richardson
>Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:32
>Subject: Well?
>To: David Wilson
>I hope so, Oh, and forget about the Restaurant, lets just head to yours

>>From: David Wilson
>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:27
>>Subject: Well?
>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>Well, we had to be quick, I’ll take much more time later

>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 14:20
>>>Subject: Well?
>>>To: David Wilson
>>>WOW, you’ve never been like that before, my legs have turned to jelly

>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:48
>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>Ok, back in a mo, just popping to get some stationary

>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:44
>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>Let me just check, yeah, as I run my fingers up my thigh, they definitely hit skin above the hemline.

>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:43
>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson

>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:35
>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>Ok, now I’m not concentrating either, these stockings are really putting me off ;-)

>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:32
>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>Well, yeah, my mind was there, my face was between your legs

>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:31
>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>probably in the gutter

>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:31
>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>WOW, will to work is now gone, mind elsewhere

>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:28
>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>> As a matter of fact…

>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:24
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>I don’t know, are you Commando enough?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:21
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lol, what are you, a soldier

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:20
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Well I can just see you using it to bring me to attention

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:19
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> like what?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:14
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You can put that away or I’ll find a use for it ;-)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:11
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:09
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Er, MacDonalds or Burger King.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:05
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Give me some options then.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 13:02
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I had a few ideas, can’t seem to decide ;-)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>From: Jemma Richardson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Date: 15-Nov-2005 12:59
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Subject: Well?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To: David Wilson
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Just back from lunch and wondering if you thought of something to do tonight?

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