Thursday, 23 February 2006

Time Together - Part 2

You arrived at the Check in desk with your mates, they urged you to check in first and after your details are confirmed, you’re whisked to the lift by the boy carrying your bags, your last communication with the girls being to meet in the bar at Six, a promise that will not be kept.

The porter selects the button for the 5th floor, while the lift rises, you pass the time talking, the lift stops and you’re led along to your room. Opening the door, your bags are placed just inside the door, you enter the room and the Porter closes the door without so much as a word.

Startled you turn around to look at the closed door and take your coat off which you hang on the hook behind the door. Now your attention turns to the room you’ve only glanced at so far.

The bathroom’s on the right, the room beyond it has a Four poster bed. The sheets and blankets are folded immaculately. You wander over to the window and through it you can see some of the sights of the city, the river, the famous sights, the City spread out below you, as requested the view is quite amazing. Even sat in the bar from where I saw you enter, I know that you’re taking the view in, I know you love it and I know this is one of the many things you’ll remember from this night, you sit on the window sill for a long time taking it all in, and you know as well as I do that while it looks impressive now, the view at night will go far beyond the daytime spectacle.

When you’d taken the view in for a while, you turned and started to unwind, to unpack your bits and pieces, to think about having a bath, to get ready for a wild night out with the girls.

It’s only when you’re looking for a pencil on the bedside table that the note catches your eye.

Sat on the pillow is a small gold folded card, on the inside the following is inscribed in black ink.

Welcome to London, I trust you’ll enjoy
Your girly weekend, was only a decoy
If you look in the wardrobe, you surely will find
Some things I’ve placed there to help you unwind.

Turning around to find the wardrobe, you wander over and carefully, almost gingerly open the door

In there you find the items I left you.

The sheer black Lingerie you looked at last time we went shopping together, but thought was too expensive. A beautiful dress made of shiny material again in black and some nice black stockings.

Pinned to the Label is another card.

I’ll be waiting for you in the bar at Seven. X

You pick up your mobile and phoned your friend, she answered with a giggle.

“Sorry,” she began, “But you’re on your own tonight, enjoy yourself.” And with that she hung up.

Next you try to phone me, my phone rings as I’m sat in the bar, and I half think about answering it, I’m interested to know what you’re thinking, how you’re reacting, but I want this to be an amazing surprise.

You take your time, bathing, making up, getting dressed, smoothing the fabric against your skin and I watch you just after seven entering the bar, your eyes sweeping the room, you don’t seem to see me and after a second you head for the bar.

I watched you order a drink, and I take my chance to move towards you, as you wait for the barman to bring it to you, I slip an arm around your waist, pulling in close and handing over our room card for the drink to be charged against.

My warmth surprised you and your body jumped slightly, but upon seeing me, a smile grew from the corners of your mouth to your eyes and you embraced me and kissed me softly.

“You Bastard” you whisper, but I think that’s the only reprimand I’m going to get and I kiss you back.

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